Sunday, 16 September 2018

Made Out of Stars

We are all connected. 
Nothing is missing. You are already whole.

Meera Lee Patel is a self-taught artist from Brooklyn, New York, and is the best-selling author of the beautiful artistic journal 'Start Where You Are', which I had the pleasure of getting to feature on my blog back in 2016, in collaboration with Penguin Random House. You can read that post here. Next week, Meera is releasing her second inspirational guided journal called 'Made Out of Stars' - a collection of writing prompts, thinking exercises and beautiful quotes that encourage us to look inwards, recognise our importance and celebrate our wholesomeness. Penguin Random House have kindly reached out again and given me the opportunity to talk about this amazing journal, and I am so excited to share this with you!

In the introduction, Meera speaks of the unavoidable and overwhelming things in life like deadlines and phone calls that sometimes take precedence over simple, important pleasures like "fresh air and honest conversations." In a world where we are secretly ruled by social media, the bonds we establish online disguise the cosmic bonds that exist between us in the real world. I was so inspired and touched by the quote: "Like stars, we are each held together by our own indescribable forces: tiny beacons of light that glow within us, making us who we are - one-of-a-kind beings privy to a spectrum of emotion, ambitions, and dreams. When you realize this, it becomes impossible to wish you were anyone else."

Self-care can be a difficult thing to master in a world that is constantly telling us that we need to be different - whether achieved in a healthy or unhealthy way. It becomes an overwhelming act in itself to carry out self-care, to fit it onto a to-do list, to decide whether it even matters, or what it is and what you need.

For me, self-care is an exercise that changes and fluctuates depending on your surroundings and your resources. We are always so busy these days. Studying, working, collaborating, creating, speaking, writing, trying to find a path. One of the main forms of self-care is taking a break from it all. Having a nap, cooking a meal and eating it mindfully, turning off my phone. How do you think you'll want to carry out self-care in one years time? 

These pages caught my attention. I am so aware of how energetically and spiritually charged I become when I am out in nature - whether in a park, a field, or a forest. The height of the trees and their characteristic bark is sometimes enough for me to stop in my tracks and just breathe in awe. There's something so comforting yet eerily mysterious about being surrounded by so much greenery. Even just images of forests can evoke intense feelings of dream-nostalgia, and make me feel calm but also ready for an adventure. Now that it's basically autumn I am so looking forward to wrapping up and hearing the crunch of leaves under my shoes. Hitomi Mochizuki, my fave youtuber whom I've talked about a bit on here, posted a video about her soul's manifestations and deepest desires. It is such a beautiful and inspiring video just hearing her talk about her visions, and I could relate to a lot of it. She made a lil' vision-board Tumblr to visually embody these feelings, and I thought I would make a mini mood-board of some of my manifestations! (All photos found on

(above screenshots from Hitomi's video. All creds to her)

i dreamt that i was walking down a large busy street in town in the pouring rain, going into shops and asking them if they sold just one egg. all i needed was one egg for some reason. one shop charged £11-something. so i carried on walking, with no idea where i was going, or why i wanted just one egg. 60s style pop music like Petual Clark's 'Downtown' (you'll know if you've watched Girl, Interrupted) was playing in the background. a legitimate song with lyrics and music that must have been made up. i wish i remembered it.


I always try to live by the "if you search for it, you won't find it" mantra, especially when it comes to yearning for love, or financial gain or material things. The best things often come when you literally least expect it, as cheesy as that sounds. You go out with absolutely no intention of meeting someone special but you just do.  You were subconsciously open to it, you didn't deny it or actively try to avoid it, you just surrendered to the energies around you and attracted it. And you can choose to keep it or let it go. I love how despite saying this, the quote by Oscar Wilde is slightly contradictory - "be always searching for new sensations." Though you can still relate it to the idea of "being free, being open, having no goal" like Hermann Hesse says. Both are true. 

If you're reading this, answer this question in the comments! I would genuinely like to know this. What keeps you feeling most connected to everything around you and what are the signifiers that life brings that make you feel most alive? Like I said, being surrounded by greenery and trees and leaves does. Laughing also makes me feel connected to the world, as well as eating good food and basking in the sun.

Made Out of Stars really is a journal for self-realization. It is affirming and gentle, and the intricacy of the colours and the illustrations makes it so special and invites you to put your manifestations, troubles, thoughts and feelings into a vast and colourful palate. It has come at the right time for me. I needed this splash of self-care, of diving back into my imagination and my soul. When this journal comes out on the 18th of September, I would totally recommend buying it! (Pre-order on Amazon here) It will be a treasure for your shelves.

"You are connected to me; i am connected to you; we are made out of the moons and stars in the sky."

"Let your own universe guide you" <3

I hope this post was a beautiful refreshing dosage of inspiration for you! I have some blog posts lined up, so stay tuned! ~peace out~ and see you in the next one. Zoe xo