Monday, 25 June 2018

a fat mood

been using tumblr again. (and looking through my sister's pintrest)
this is what i want to attract for the rest of 2018. The colours, the textures, the places, the words - all as inspiration for coming into my being, for attracting certain emotions and pathways.
there are also excerpts from my diary from the past month. enjoy.

life is so deep right now, I just wanna get out of this stupid rut.

'dancing in the moonlight' is playing next door and I'm in my room with some peppermint tea, ready to wind the fuck down. the contrast.

feeling sad, conflicted confused. fuck.

i can feel it now; a warm, dense, heavy pressure. no light no space to breathe.

me, a girl who endures, who tries hard, who's impulsive, nurturing, loving, loving, loving and never leaving, loyal, fun, intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, passionate, sexy, exciting, kind, willing to try new things? What am I doing wrong?

eating ribs as I write. what is life!


trying to write but I fear all I'm writing is shit I've written before.


Ready to be somewhere else. Ready to stop talking about love. Ready to be in new skin. Ready to be free. 

this was super random. c u in the next post! Zoe xo