Wednesday, 31 January 2018


(would you believe I found this photo after I had written this?)

Eartha lies back on the grass. Every part of her body is tingling. She closes her eyes and listens, pursuing the sounds of nature breathlessly. Can one feel nostalgic for something happening in the present? Eartha clings onto every second, internalising the time passing, trying to preserve each moment like one tries to keep themselves afloat in water. Her body feels like a boat that moves silently across the river of her thoughts – a dark, watchful animal following the quivering path of the moon. It is intense to think about time. It is the most structured thing about life. Eartha starts to fall – both into the earth beneath and into a blissful slumber. Time loses its linearity. Her eyes fill with tears from the past. She finds herself weeping for Sunday mornings and feels the air of forgotten school days touch her skin like a vivid whisper. She is brought to a place that is quiet and mellow, shaded over with large palm leaves. As she floats in the in-between, soaked in the sunlight from another time, she is shaken by the conviction that a higher being is present. In the back of her mind she can hear a piano playing, but it gets louder and louder until she is underneath the great instrument, becoming one with it, her senses slowly serenaded. All of this happens simultaneously, and suddenly grass begins to sprout from the piano’s pedals, and her limbs dissolve into soil, crumbling delicately into the green abyss. A weight falls into reality, dragging it down, but Eartha feels grounded, staring up at the sky, at one with nature. 

(This is part of a blogger project I am doing where on every last day of the month I post a short story/piece of prose! Stay tuned xo)

Saturday, 27 January 2018

some things 4 u

Yo. How's everyone doing?

It's been such a weird two weeks off, and I've got one more week of it. I've absolutely loved it, no doubt about that, and I'm dreading starting uni again. It's such an annoying conflict though, because on the one hand I love being off and getting to do whatever I want, but I also crave order? Ugh. Below is a classic mood board showcasing my recent feelings/vibes. (just for a bit of atmosphere: the sun has not shone today and the day has been grey and quiet. it is raining softly too).

(usually I dream several things at night. But at the beginning, I remember seeing a girl standing by my lamp, looking at me, and I was telling her to turn it on, but then she started walking towards me, and she was wearing a hoodie and she unzipped it as she walked, and I felt like I physically heard the zip go down. it was so weird and so creepy).

Recently, I've discovered some new choons! Whether they came out last week or in 2012, they have found their way to me, and my soul is buzzing with these new sounds. I feel happy to be alive when I find new music, especially tunes that affect me deeply. I thought I'd share some of them.

TheSecondSex - In A Mood

(the vibes are so strong it's unreal. I discovered it yesterday, late at night. I had just tidied my room and was lying in bed with the lamp on, feeling very self-aware, alone and calm. It was comforting but melancholic too. it's on repeat as I type actually).

Saba - There You Go

(if you haven't heard of A COLORS SHOW on Youtube, then you are missing out on a wave of music/video production that blends sound with colour, giving you a visual and audible orgasm each time. Very diverse, and most artists are lowkey or up-and-coming. This song is so joyful, I love it. I would also like for him to be my husband).


(this video is hilarious and beautiful, the beat is also such a bop).

In other news!!! I have an idea.

I thought that at the end of every month I'd do a blog post where I'd share a short story/piece of prose that I've written! Kind of like a blogger project. I haven't done one in so long. At the end of the year, I'll compile them all into one document and it'll be like a mini collection of short stories? What do you think? I've never really had a structure to the way I post, but my post-count for the year has gone down each year, which is kinda shite. I want to blog more than once a month at least. So this should be a way for me to both write and blog more, which is exciting! Hopefully I'll stick to it, and y'all will have something to look forward to on here at the end of every month. (lol). STAY TUNED MY LOVES.

Also, I just thought I'd share how much I love the youtuber Hitomi Mochizuki. My friend Mali introduced her to me sometime last year, or maybe even 2016, and ever since then I've been watching her videos occasionally. I always feel so inspired and motivated and happy and spiritual when I watch her videos. She radiates this stuff, and has given me so many new mantras and mannerisms to live by. All in all she's just such an interesting and beautiful human being, who gives out so much positivity despite going through things herself. Her ideas on mindfulness and spiritual practices are actually things I incorporate into my life now - especially meditation, which I do from time to time!
Follow her on insta here if you don't already! 

She has a tattoo on her thigh that says "Always a silver lining", and it affected me so much personally that I want to get the exact same tat in the future.

silver lining;
n. a hopeful or comforting prospect in the midst of difficulty.

Anyways, this post was a bit all over the place, but I hope you enjoyed it, and the new tunes/suggestions too! Remember to check back on the 31st because I'll be sharing some writing innit. Sending love and positive vibes. ~peace out~ and see you in the next post! Zoe xo