Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Sending good vibes for the new year.

  1. Joining Uncover theatre and taking part in our sketch-show called Phenomena! 
  2. Meeting Ewan McGregor at Greenwich park. 
  3. Finishing Religious Studies and never looking back. 
  4. Going on my DofE Bronze expedition. 
  5. Having my first all-nighter with friends in summer.
  6. Going to summer camp (aka Kungfu camp). Got fitter + made friends. 
  7. St Lucia, which I will never forget. First time in the Caribbean.
  8. Seeing Ed Sheeran live, my first concert. 
  9. Seeing Stromae live -  Most amazing concert ever. 
  10. Doing Year 11 Entertainment which was such a great success! 
Do I even have to think about the bad things? Heck so many good things happened this year and I really want - in fact, I know - that 2015 will be better, so I'm sending good vibes into the new year by remembering how awesome 2014 was. WOOO HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS I HOPE IT'S A GOOD ONE. Here's a pic of me sending them if you thought I was lying:

Sunday, 28 December 2014

I have finally landed on planet Instagram.

Yup that's right I've got instagram now yaaaaaaay!
Add me: cosmic.grrl

I was on a massive hype last night and stayed up till 12 making it. It's not even that amazing. I took about 70 photos and still only have...1 post! But I've followed loads of people and now I'm very excited! I'm going to add some pics from here onto Insta to get people viewing. It's weird to be getting instagram because everyone's had it now and I sort of feel like the newbie and to be honest, should I really be signing into another feature of the wonderful world of social networking? Becuase all I see before the "sign in" button is distraction distraction distraction, and I do have some important decision making and work to do. Oh well! Life's boring if you don't procrastinate every once in a while (in my case every minute of the day.) Anyway, here's a picture that took quite long to make of me landing on planet Instagram ~ enjoy.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Successful shopping trips warm my heart

Today was so good! Boxing Day Sales! Usually I'm just like nah, but today I felt like I was on fire. (in the good way of course) Christmas was also much better than expected and I received some very nice presents so I'm so grateful! All in all, I received a new Eastpack school bag, mom jeans, bits of jewellery, slippers, a little box of makeup and hand cream, a pajama set and I got TOPSHOP and PRIMARK gift vouchers + 30 pounds from my aunt and unc. So me, my sis and my cousin woke up at the crack of dawn and got down to Bromley for about 25 past 9 (the sales opened at 9 so it wasn't too bad).

We went to PRIMARK first, and to begin with I was a bit bored because I couldn't find much. Then I stumbled across a 5 pound rack with thin patterned shirts and I tried on one and thought that I might as well! Then we went to TOPSHOP and I didn't find much for a good price but I didn't want to give up because it's not everyday that I actually shop in TOPSHOP. I went over to the shoe section and after looking I found the perfect pair: Blue velvet, high-platformed ankle boots - IT WAS HEAVEN! I had to hang onto those whilst I looked for clothes. They were 18 pounds on sale so I had 13 pounds left. I found a couple of tops and tried stuff on and ended up buying a black long-sleeved crop top for a tenner. That was really useful tbh, because my sis had one and I constantly borrowed it, and I was wearing my friends black crop top that she lent me so I thought it was a brilliant investment.

THEN, we all had book tokens so we popped into Waterstones book shop and browsed around. We found the teenage fiction area (i mean, why not) and I bought "If You Find Me" by Emily Murdoch and "Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell. We made a pit stop at McDonalds which I don't regret, then on our way out of Bromely I quickly stopped at Paperchase to see if they had any fat chunky notebooks that I could do all my journal and normal writing in. That was a success!!! At first I was 10p short for it, but I didn't give up because for so long I have been keeping random 10ps around in my pockets, bags and purses and I found one and bought the beautiful baby and then we were finally on our way.

It had to be the most successful shopping trip I have ever, ever, ever had. When I was walking down my road, shopping bags in hand, I felt so happy. Pictures below of my lovely purchases!

So yeah, that was the beginning of my day! I hope each and everyone of you had a magnificent Christmas! <3

Long-sleeved crop from TOPSHOP





Books from Waterstones and Cherry notebook from Paperchase.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Legendary Entertainment.

The entertainment went so unbelievably, fantastically and amazingly well! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We performed twice and by the second show everyone was in full swing and really confident, but I remember running down the isle on the first showing dancing to Hollerback Girl, laughing with my friends.

I was so hyped the entire day. The singing and dancing were great but I have to admit, the sketches that we put on were the best. A group of friends did a sketch about what goes on in our school staff room, where they all dressed up as the teachers and took the mickey out of them. They mocked them so well, it was almost too mean but holy crap was it funny. You couldn't even hear them properly because the audience were laughing every 2 seconds. I did a sketch with my twin sister which was based on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but in our case The Suite Life of Zoe and Cleo. That was a lot of fun.

I just knew we (meaning the current year 11s) would be the ones to put on the entertainment that people wouldn't stop talking about. The last 2 years have been so terrible! So bad that it kind of gave "Year 11 Entertainment" a bad reputation, so I'm guessing that most of the other years didn't expect much. But we blew them away and I could not be more proud of us! It's strange that it's just over now, and very sad too. We'd all waited to put on the show since year 7 and now it's over, and it was the last time our entire year would do something when we're all literally together because next year most of us will be at different Sixth Forms. *cries*
But what matters is that we put on a hella good show. I made a collage of a bunch of photos I took through out the day and some other photos.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

school is annoying and I think I have writer's block??

Mock week is almost over which is so relieving! Last exam tomorrow; Maths calc paper. I hope it goes way better than the non-calc today. I couldn't work out the bloody simultaneous equations and I thought I had that in the bag! Such a disappointment. I tried not to care too much. It's been a stressful yet quite fun week I think.

Pros: "Study Leave", i.e sleeping in and dedicating only an hour before I leave for school to revise. Cons: EXAMS!
After tomorrow I will celebrate with friends and just look forward to the end of term. I've basically got no lessons because I spend two weeks working on our school tradition called 'Year 11 Entertainment' - I'VE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD FOR THIS MOMENT EVER SINCE 2011. I remember looking up at the old year 11s when I was in year 7 just wanting to be up there, and now it's my year doing it. So crazy.
The best part is the end though; the whole school comes together to sing the 12 days of christmas song and year 11s always get to sing FIVE GOLD RINGS! I've waited five years to sing those lines and my heart races just thinking about it tbh.
ANYWAYS tomorrow will be the end of the stress and I know I tried my best so I suppose that's what's most important!

So on to the writers block. This online magazine called Plasma Dolphin is creating their 5th issue which is called BEWITCHED, and I am contributing to it and thinking of writing about a Haunted House or Tarot Cards. I had some lovely inspiration from my friend Oyinda who is my writing inspiration and now I've just got to get started but I'm still quite unsure of where it is going to go. Hopefully once I get started my thoughts will take off and in January I'll receive an email from Plasma Dolphin saying they liked the article.

I'm really excited and if they don't accept it, I'll just learn from it you know? Like there's not much you can do, and I will continue to write because it makes me happy! I'll keep you guys updated and even do some samples on what I'm working on! I'm A Celebrity has just finished and I should probably get to bed. I finished my book so I'll be quite lonely tonight (cries) but my friend is giving me a book tomorrow! Have a good morning/evening or night where ever you guys are! x

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Album Review: Best Coast - Crazy For You.

This surf-rock American duo band, who released their first full-length debut “Crazy For You” in 2010, has you feeling like you’ve been lying in the sun in some cool shades, strumming a blue guitar without realising. It is a magical combination of soft, lazy indie rock, welded together by lead vocalist Bethany Cosentino’s calming and smooth voice. In particular, Cosentino word-paints in her tracks and it allows the whole sound of the album not to be too challenging to listen to.

An example of her easy vocalisation would be in the second track of the album, named after the title of the album itself “Crazy For You” (The oohs just after the first verse). The lyrics of this song can have possible meanings: “I can’t do anything without you//Can’t do anything with you//You drive me crazy but I love you//You make me lazy but I love you.” Was Cosentino in love whilst writing this song? “Maybe I’m just crazy//Maybe I’m just crazy//Maybe I’m just crazy//Crazy for you baby.”       Or is she just crazy? Either way, what I like about this song is that it admittedly tugs at my brain, making me think about a time when I’ve been in love with someone. After listening to it once, that major and high pitched melody never left me and it is still with me today, (but that’s probably because I’ve listened to it at least 70 times.)

I think my favourites off the album are the first, fifth and ninth tracks. ‘Boyfriend’, the first on the album, doesn’t just require a light listen – if you’re the type to fantasize about scenarios that you know are unlikely to happen in your life, then this song will probably affect you. The way Cosentino drags out the word ‘friend’ in the first line: “I wish he was my boyfriend” lifts you into this weird mode, almost making you wish “he” was your boyfriend too. Not only does clarity of meaning come out during this track, but a slight bit of ambiguity too. This is because as soon as you hear the first line, you immediately assume the whole song is about this guy that she really likes and wishes they could be together blah blah blah. However in the second verse she sings “The other girl is not like me//She’s prettier and skinner//She has a college degree//I dropped out when I was 17.” This shows how Cosentino not only feels slightly jealous, but insecure. I would happily swap looks with her any day, but that’s my view.

‘Summer Mood’ is the fifth song on the album. It has a very laid back, easy sound and the harmonies are on point. Despite its name, you can listen to this song in the coldest of weather and still believe it is summer - provided you have your eyes closed - because of the moving and slow-ish melody. It actually makes me feel as if I am walking by the sea, towards the orange setting sun in the album cover.  In addition, the song is only a small 2 minutes and 25 seconds long and many people would say that that is a negative thing, but I’ve come to appreciate short songs because they don’t allow the song to become boring at any point. You listen, you love it, and then it finishes. No regrets. There is no “I love that bit but this bit kinda drags out a bit too long” etc.

Lastly, ‘Bratty B’ the ninth song on the album has the oddest structure, but that’s what I like about it. There’s only one verse and then it breaks into the only chorus. After that Cosentino just repeats “I miss you” and then it finishes. It’s actually shorter than ‘Summer Mood’ which makes it even more perfect. Instead of “You listen, you love it, and then it finishes. No regrets.” It’s more like: “You press play. You love it. It’s over. You feel content.” ‘Bratty B’, for me, incorporates the quality harmonies, melodies and rhythms and just the completeness of Cosentino’s voice that basically sums up the whole album.

So that’s about it. I can’t find a fault in this album and if you’re interested in some velvet perfection of indie rock, then have listen to Best Coast’s “Crazy For You” album. You won’t regret it.

 ~Written by Zoe Thompson.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Sigmar Polke exhibition - Tate Modern

I went to see Sigmar Polke at the Tate Modern! It was by far the most interesting and enjoyable time I think I have ever had at an art gallery. His works are absolutely beautiful, and it wasn't only the pieces themselves, but the background behind it! For example in the 1970s Polke did a lot of travelling to places like Afghanistan, and he was taking a lot of hallucinogenic drugs, so all of his art work in that period of time was very odd and slightly messed up. It was so intriguing and beautiful. Some of his work was done on A5 pieces of graph paper using crayon or ink. I think my favourite room of the entire exhibition was the 'Modern Art' room because it was so pretty. There were pastel colours and hot bright colours, I loved it! I just really came to appreciate art after that exhibition. The history, the beauty and the simplicity. Sigmar Polke, if I may say, has definitely moved into my top favourite artists. Pics of me afterwards and my favourite works of his. (I couldn't find all of them unfortunately.)
Sigmar Polke (1941 - 2010), Mu nieltnam netorruprup 1975 , Museum of Modern Art (New York, USA), © The Estate of Sigmar Polke / DACS, London / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
"Mu nieltnam netorruprup", 1975  
Sigmar Polke. Raster Drawing (Portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald), 1963
 "Raster Drawing", 1963

"Plastik-Wannen", 1964
"Girlfriends", 1965/66

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Have the salad instead of that chocolate bar (Not)

When I hear the words “I’m on a diet” these days, somewhere deep down inside, I half expect to be hearing the words from an adult, who maybe has a very unhealthy lifestyle and would like a change. But it has been proven that this is not the only case, for when I look up, I find myself staring into the eyes of a girl or boy my age.

Statistics have said that 1.6 million people in the UK suffer from an eating disorder. It is also proven that girls aged 13 to 14 are trying to slim. 1 in 10 teenage girls has an eating disorder, medical experts have warned.
Some say that statistics mean nothing, but I see that sadly, it is all true.  When you are in a room full of 30 girls every day, you begin to wonder just how many people are suffering under that eating disorder. Maybe one of your friends has an eating disorder, or is on a serious diet.  It could be anyone of any age.

I went to celebrate my friends’ birthday by going to see a film. Instead of paying the ridiculously expensive price for a box of popcorn, we decided to go the Co-operative. Most of us go to the sweets section, deciding whether to get that packet of crisps or whether we should get those mini-eggs. But one of us decided to stand by the fruit and vegetable section, staring with what I would say a content look on her face. So is this what it has come to? Such a minor move but so effective.

Can you have a relationship with food? I have been asking myself this for quite a while. One may think this question is funny, laughable, and unserious. I guess it is if you look at it in a different context. How can you have a relationship with food? People who do not understand the deeper meaning of this must come from a different world. I, as a 15 year old girl, will have a big relationship with food. The emotional side of this relationship, for instance, is that I can’t concentrate on something important when I am around cake or pizza because I am too busy wondering whether  I can have another slice of cake or pizza, and what affects this will have on my life. Why don’t we all just listen to Kate Moss because apparently: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

Different parts of our society and social media do not make us feel any better. In my opinion, it is all rather messed up. It seems that dieting and eating disorders are something that one should be congratulated on if it is not part of their lives. Moreover, it appears that people, in particular celebrities, are looked upon as more inspirational and admirable than other celebrities if they say they love food, or  if they say that eating is something they really enjoy. Why is this case nowadays?  I came across a picture of the supermodels Cara Delevinge and Candice Swanpoel. It is a photograph of them pretending to devour boxes of pizza, eating junk food, having a good time. Someone captured this: “The fact that they had a Victoria’s Secret shoot the day after this makes this even more amazing and admirable.” Well, there will always have to be a level of respect for someone else’s opinion but couldn’t you say that the fact that this moment was photographed means that it was set up anyway? The way I see it, is that you only have to whisper the word “Diet” or say something along the lines of “Pizza is my best friend” and boom, you are seen as someone to look up to and admire.

Dieting and glorifying certain things are very complicated subjects to explain. It is not always about the statistics. They tell the truth, but do not include the horror, the real things that people see in everyday life. Congratulate people. Look up to people and admire them. Just don’t demoralize people who also need help.

Written by Zoe Thompson.

Is it racism or feminism?

One of the most striking, truthful and almost farfetched statements I have ever heard was “I think we need to end racism before we achieve feminism.” Just let that sink in for a moment. Now I know that so many people will have different opinions about this, but when I heard my friend say this, I couldn’t think of a better way to describe my opinions on certain things. 

For example you could argue that the main objective of feminism is gender equality, and that is without a doubt 100% true. However within the feminist movement there are historical and social constructs that segregate us into races, giving one race more privilege than the other. That race happens to be the white race. It’s just little things that have huge effects on female lives starting from a surprisingly young age. The epitome of beauty in the media has always been European or white. Images of white women dominate the media, especially roles or depictions featuring desirable or beautiful women. The media often praises these privileged, white women for speaking the need to end gender inequality, and improving the lives of young girls of colour – without realising that they are standing on the shoulders of giants. I find it uncomfortable to be encouraged to look up to women who speak about lives that bear no resemblance to women of colour.
So is it racism that should be overcome first, or feminism? Taking account the fact that some women have fewer rights than other women within the movement because of their ethnicity, lifestyle or stability of their countries economy.
Written by Zoe Thompson.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Teens and their social media and networking.

Ah, in the Empire of Social Media, there’s either a lot you miss out on if you aren’t ‘in’ on it, or a huge risk you’re taking if you enter it. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and Instagram – you name it – they’re all the nucleus of our weaknesses or our guilty pleasures. There have been many theories as to how social networks affect teenagers, but what’s interesting is the opinion of how it affects teenagers from an actual teenager.
Tumblr is the famous blogging website with 144.6 million blogs and 65.9 billion posts. Tumblr, as stated, is a place where you can “Effortlessly share anything”, but is that a good thing? Among the millions of teenagers who use Tumblr, or any other social networking site, the ability to “effortlessly share anything” must come with some limits, for example, cyber-bullying – a worldwide form of bullying on the Internet. 
Many websites nowadays offer today’s youth the entrance to entertainment and communication with others and the numbers have rapidly grown over recent years. In the early months of 2012, according to the Internet world statistics, there were 2,336 millions of beings online, and exactly a year later in early 2013, there has been an increase of about 410 million online users. Teenagers, who are completely vulnerable on the Internet, get hugely affected by things said about them on these social networks, but what keeps them coming back?
Oyinda, aged 14 mentions the positives about the social network Tumblr: "The great thing about Tumblr is that you get to be part of something massive, feel like you belong. You meet people with the same interests as you and you learn so much with regards to the environment and social issues. With everyone living in different places around the world it’s a great way to learn about different cultures. Also you get to see such beautiful things on Tumblr and read such amazing things."
However, when a teenager isolates themselves from society and, according to statistics, spend up to 31 hours a week upon a computer screen, they may get  fooled by the media’s ‘expectations’ of a person, or be brainwashed into thinking what is the right or wrong thing to do in life. The negative side of social networking has a huge impact on young adults. People tend to say negative things online, or post things in the spur of the moment, and the problem with that is that even if you delete your account five minutes later, it’s still stored on the Internet; people can still see it and start to gossip.
Oyinda, aged 14 mentions the negatives about the social network Tumblr: "The negative thing about Tumblr is that sometimes people tend to romanticize things that shouldn’t be romanticized. Occasionally, people make serious mental-health issues like self-harm seem beautiful when it isn’t. The problem is that people start to get the wrong idea of mental illness or body image. Tumblr is a form [of] media, and [the] media tend to portray perfect bodies of beautiful women. I think it warps people’s minds into thinking that they have to look this way in order to be seen as attractive."
Social media sometimes glorifies sadness and illustrates the type of bodies’ girls and boys should have. It definitely decomposes the confidence in adolescents and really demoralizes them. I think that, among all of its interesting, entertaining and partly-educational charms, it is very thought provoking and scarily brainwashing, which leads to the question; “Are teenagers happier without social media?”
Pamela, aged 16: "I think it might be better without social networks; there are always people who try to bring you down; haters and people who’re judging you by everything. But I still think that we’re happier with social networks; just to talk to someone you didn’t see in a while, or people who moved away out of your city. It’s a way to talk to each other without travelling a lot."
So it seems social media/networking occupies a very special place in some teenagers hearts and seems to be a great way of exploring and experimenting. It does affect teens, greatly and badly, but they appear to observe and responsibly deal with the negative things they face.

 ~ article by Zoe Thompson.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

A photo a day - The End.

My photo a day challenge has come to an end people! I have spent 25 days doing something I love everyday which is writing and taking photos. It's been so fun! Doing a photo a day has really made me enjoy photography and documenting even more, and I definitely want to carrry it on in the future. I will do a collage of all the photos I have taken so that they can all be together. If you love writing and photography then doing a photo a day is really useful to see if you want to do something with it. Thanks to anyone who looked at my photos and everything. xx

Thursday, 4 September 2014

"The Pig Who Guarded the Shoes"

A photo a day - Day 25, September 4. 

The pig who guarded the shoes.
So this curious little spectacle happened to be placed en route home from school today. As soon as I saw it, theories, stories and scenarios sparked up inside my brain.
Was the pig really guarding the children's shoes placed in an odd manner on the upside down pink table?
What if the pig was just about to rescue the shoes but saw everyone staring at her and so froze for eternity?
Was she going to steal the shoes? (so rude I know)
The theory I came up with was that the pig was guarding the shoes because they had some weird superpower that could give the pig immortality. The pig had heard that the shoes also gave the sensation of being high up in the air, as if you were floating. She could not wait to fly. The pig was as tired of walking as pigeons these days are as tired to use their wings. The children who wore the shoes should have been immortal as well, however the pig cast a spell upon them, causing them to take off their shoes and drop to their death. (they didn't actually drop to their death but the shoes gave them the feeling of being high up so...)
Now the pig guarding them with all of his might. She watched from the corner of her eye, looked up and down and round and round, as if she was constantly rolling her eyes. Her plan was to wait until midnight to take the shoes and live forever.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

"Head out of the clouds and into the books"

A photo a day - Day 24, September 3rd.

Ahh, the first day of school. 
The day when you are reunited with the people you held grudges with 6 or 7 weeks ago, the teachers you had those awkward moments with (including the one you called 'mum') and your beloved friends who you were excited to see despite the fact that they had made plans with other friends during the holiday and not you. I enjoyed being back on the school grounds, smelling the fresh corridors and the classrooms which after a while had a stench of sweaty people in school uniform. 
It was an excellent day tbh, and I know this is really important year so I'm determined to work hard. Being a prefect also adds on a tiny bit more responsibility and stress but the outcome is good. Besides, you get to show the lower school who runs these grounds from day 1 which is bloody awesome. (I mean, who doesn't like being bossy every once in a while) 
I got my grades back from Science and Religious studies today. (B for science and A for rs) I don't know; I'm happy with the grades, but there is a part of me that expected more from science. Like I revised a lot. I really tried. A B isn't bad to be fair and I shouldn't complain; there are people who did much much worse than me I guess. 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

"Last Day Of Summer"

A photo a day - Day 23, September 2nd.

I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the last day of summer. Usually I would have gone out with friends and done something to celebrate getting through the academic year. But instead I spent 3 quarters of the day shopping for new shoes and a top hat with my brother and sister. It was a good day and I got everything I needed! I remember feeling so hungry, and when we got home I had the most gorgeous sandwich in all existence. (bacon, chicken and avocado if you were wondering) Then I sewed up the back of my new school skirt because the split at the back was not how I wanted to start off year 11. I had planned to wear my first, original school skirt, but I agreed that it had served its time. I could sew up the side, but there would still be an atrocious whole at the bottom and to be honest that's worse than the bloody split! After blogging and listening to music I got ready to go to the cinema to watch 'As Above So Below' with my sisters and cousin which was absolutely fantastic. I have never enjoyed a scary film before. It was intense, creepy and really well explained. Excellent story line too. This photo was taken in the car on the way back. It was dark, and we were listening to the 'Boiling' by Disclosure. The bass entered my ears so smoothly and I could almost feel the music surrounding me. I felt alive; I had just watched a thrilling movie and despite the fact that school is the very next day, I felt excited and felt like saying ''BRING IT ON SCHOOL, COME AT ME." 
I thought it was a great way to end the summer holidays. 
Hope everyone had an amazing holiday too! 

Monday, 1 September 2014

"This God damn Coconut Cream"

A photo a day - Day 22, September 1st.

OMG - I just realized this is my first September photo of my ''a photo a day"
Time has gone so damn fast man!
Anyways, I wanted to dedicate a photo to this mother lickin' coconut cream that my Nan gave to us to take back home to London when we were in St Lucia.
First of all this stuff is the chiz. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and amazing, and over time your skin just appears so much more radiant and healthy. It's like really greasy and sometimes when you scoop some onto your finger you think it isn't enough, but then you rub your hands together and realize there is actually a lot.
I have so much respect for this cream. It changes states for god damn sake! One second it's some weird liquid which kind of puts you off (but you use the stuff anyway). Then you blink and it has started to harden already. That's how you can tell that it is all natural - no random chemicals to keep it in one state. Among all of its qualities, it also has the strangest yet nicest smell ever.
Man I love this coconut cream.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

"My little story"

A photo a day - Day 21, August 31st.

Here is a little story;

Chapter 1.

It's been five years since I opened up that wooden box.
The wooden box underneath my bed, with wisps of dust gathered into the crevices of the wood work.
The box that Mrs Linn from the antique shop gave to me before she died.
I could barely remember what was in that box; the last time I opened it my life took a sharp turn down a dark alleyway no one, not even the cruelest of minds deserved to go down.
But it happened to me.
Because of this dumb wooden box.
I snap back into reality, chucking the box onto the carpet floor. What am I doing? Why am I putting myself through this? Why don't I just spare my life and chuck it away? No one needs to know.
Of course nothing is that easy.
I reach down, pick up the box and lay it on my lap. Slowly and cautiously, I tug at the lid , which seemed to have glued itself shut. Maybe it was a sign that I shouldn't open it. Wait no; I'm stronger now. I should be able to handle this. Gradually, the lid starts to come off, and I can instantly smell the strong scent of the old wood.
Breathe. You can do this, I tell myself.
The lid comes off eventually, my force causing it to fall onto the ground.
Inside was a necklace made of black string with a small wooden shark tied to it.
I breathe a sigh of relief. This silly little thing? I expected it to be some ancient clock watch that could bring me to the past and the future. It was actually quite cute! It could cause no harm.
I lift the frail piece of jewellery into my hands and put it around my neck.
Hmm, nothing yet. I look into the mirror and cock my head to the side, running my thumb across the surprisingly smooth little shark. Then I--

- written by Zoe Thompson.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

"Lazy Days"

A photo a day - Day 20, August 30th.

You know those days when you either wake up late or wake up early, and you have in mind of a couple of things to do, but the day isn't fully packed.
You get those jobs completed and it makes you feel good, like you're on top of your brain.
A true 'lazy day' is when you get caught out, and you find yourself doing nothing productive or interesting, but your system is having a nap and therefore the rest of your body that is awake is just focused on that boring activity, and it feels nice. You're relaxed.
Lying on your bed with the door shut, staring straight through your bedroom ceiling like there is another world on the other side.
Not thinking about things that are important, that cause you stress or cause you to re-think or think ahead.
Watching something on television and really, really seeing it - like you're seeing it for the first time. Maybe you are seeing it for the first time but it is the first time when you've really appreciated the story before your eyes, and understood it.
Lazy days kind of make you think about things you don't have the chance to think about during your hectic, scheduled life.
I love lazy days.

Friday, 29 August 2014

"The Bra Poem"

A photo a day - Day 19, August 29th.

Everyone knows what a bra does.
It holds up the breasts of a woman.
Some women don't wear them.
But they are actually very common.
Some bras are pretty,
with lace as delicate as snow.
A bra can be plain,
or have a little bow.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

"Chatting with ze friends"

A photo a day - Day 18, August 28th.

Today was such a good day - I never realised how much I loved shopping. (When I have money at least.) Even though all I bought was a new folder for school and a present for my friend's birthday.
My sister Cleo is in the picture along with my two friends Lusia and Connie. We went to Starbucks and we just chatted about things. It was lovely. The conversation never died, we all understood eachother, and for once this holiday I've felt confident about returing to school.
The only reason why I wasn't confident was because it is an important year and there's going to be a lot of stress. Talking with friends has made me more excited to be honest. It's just nice talking to people who you value, who you care about, who you can laugh with.
We chatted about how we kinda wanted to make a difference this year. I don't know; die our hair, get some pericings, cut our hair, try a new hairstyle, create a new wardrobe. Not to impress anyone, but for ourselves. We all have been through stuff, some of us more than others of course, but in a way we all get eachother and feel the same way about a lot of things.
I just love talking to my friends.
Thank you friendssssssss

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

"Home Again And Focusing On The Now"

A photo a day - Day 17, August 27th.

I'm finally up to date! 
It's strange to be back home again. For the past few days I've been used to long car rides, humid air, palm trees and the scent of the salty sea.
Being back home is both happy and sad. 
Happy because I get to be reunited with my bedroom and my beloved pillows. 
Sad because it means that summer is almost over which leads to school, which leads to revision, which leads to stress.
My thoughts are constantly growing vines, I think I need to chill out! Maybe I should just focus on being back home today rather than being to engrossed in what will happen tomorrow or the week after.
I shall save myself the stress and make the rest of my day better by focusing on the now.

"Makes Me Feel About The Way I Feel"

A photo a day - Day 16, August 26th.

Thinking about being young makes me feel the way I feel about thinking about my future.
It also makes me feel as wordy as that sentence!
It confuses me.
Like, was there anything I missed out? Should I have done something to block out the nostalgia in my brain for the future I now call the present?
I guess I will never figure it out.
I can only watch the young people I love, watch them go about growing up and learning new things.
Life doesn't wait for anyone.
No one.
Once you're born, that's it.
No going back.
No going back.
From the moment you start breathing in your birthday suit, you have the responsibility in yourself to grow up.
Of course you will be 'brought' up, but no one can make you grow up.
Life is an evil and wonderful challenge we start facing from day 1.
We're the pilot of our experiences, our good moments.
Once they're done, they are done.
I think that's why they say that in a way, being young are the best days of your life. Maybe the plane is being stirred by others sometimes.
But in the end it's always yours.

"When I'm Rich"

A photo a day - Day 15, August 25th.

When I'm rich, I will spend my life's savings on the fanciest hotel in the world.
When I'm rich, I will have a pool that overlooks the grand blue stretch of the ocean.
When I'm rich, I will burn my hundred pound notes in the fire to keep myself warm.
When I'm rich, my wedding dress will be a Vera Wang from the Classic collection.
When I'm rich, my husband will be silver and our children will be gold.
When I'm rich, my jet plane will be able to seat over 200 people.
When I'm rich, I will die rich.
When I'm rich, I will be happy.
When I'm rich I will bathe in the happiness I call money.

Too ambitious?
Yeah ur right - lemme just get a job first then we'll see how things work out. 


A photo a day - Day 14, August 24th.

There is a tsunami.
The waves that were once a continuous cycle of tranquility are now a raging, urgent and majestic cycle of fury.
Go on, close your eyes and imagine it.
The quiet, still air you were once breathing in now struggles to enter your nostrils and you find yourself drowning into the depths of the unknown.
You don't see; you hear, you feel and you drown.
Suddenly there is so depth. 
There is absence of colour; just the dark watery and salty sea.
You are left to quarrel with the force that is driving you downwards, power one second, impact the next.
Hope and then doubt.
Rage and then fear.
Life and then. . .
From the peaceful stretch of tide, to death. 

"Mon petit château de cartes"

A photo a day - Day 13, August 23rd.

In my little house of cards, everyone gets along with eachother.
The King and the Queen do not fight, for they have nothing to fight about.
The foundations are strong and the top stands tall.
The reds, blacks, diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades are all different.
However they learn to tolerate one and other despite their differences.
My little house of cards is therefore perfect, for there is peace between the walls of numbers.
*tries to come up with a cute pun about cards and fails*

"The Way We Look"

A photo a day - Day 12, August 22th.

We're so obsessed with the way we look, especially women.
But with the expectations of a woman in our society, it's actually impossible not to be.
We spend ages trying to perfect ourselves, to impress everyone around us. In some situations, we try just as hard to satisfy only one person.
Often I think that the people who surround us, our friends and colleagues are secretly the ones who we try hard to keep interested and satisfied. Yes, the media make us feel bad, but so do the people we see everyday. This is because we're all different; they will always be something that someone has that you don't. We all have different opinions, wants and perspectives which makes it harder to truly fulfil someones desire.
We dress to impress, but if we broaden our view a bit we actually dress to demoralize as well. An example of this is possibly a time when you were at a party and decided that you had the nicest make up, the coolest outfit, and made sure that you let everyone know about it; quietly and mentally.
But what can we even do about that?
Wanting to impress somebody is human nature.
Falling for the media's bombarded images of unrealistic bodies is almost too easy.
Trying hard - sometimes too hard - is human.

"Belonging To An Individual"

A photo a day - Day 11, August 21th.

A name.
What does your name mean to you?
Does it represent who you are?
When people see your name before they see you, are there a bunch of expectations, predictions and descriptions?
What if it is in reverse?
Are there disappointments?
Out of all the letters in the alphabet, three of them were chosen for me, therefore those letters will remain special and I will remain modest.
A name.
Something which you own, but is mostly used by others.
Treasure your name, for it is yours. 

"A Little Boat"

 A photo a day - Day 10, August 20th.

I wish I was a little boat, bobbing along the sea.
I wish I was a little boat; as pretty as could be.
I wish I was a little boat; alone alone alone.
But I wish I was a little boat, sailing towards the unknown.

"On A Plane"

A photo a day - Day 9, August 19th.

I can't explain the feeling of being on a plane.
The sensation of flying, without any energy,
The irony of seeing the clouds below you,
The excitment when your destination is soon.

I can't explain the feeling of being on a plane.
The impact of the take off and landing
And the rollercoaster inside your stomach.
I guess I can explain the feeling of being on a plane.
But do we all feel the same?

Monday, 18 August 2014

"Shop Shop Shop"

A photo a day - Day 8, August 18th.

What a day!
Last minute shopping at Westfields. We came at a great time because not many people were there! And we had an early lunch at T.G.I Fridays (heaven.) I bought a pretty skort and a burgundy singlet, this amazing green checked skirt from H&M and about 50 hair bands. (I lose about that much in the space of 2 days, but I'm determined!) 
I really wanted to buy a new bikini top because I was having second thoughts about the strapless one. But oh well, I'm not complaining. I haven't even packed yet, and I still need to hang out a clothes wash, but I think I will got to the laundrette. 
I think that the fact that I haven't done those two things is the reason why the excitedness (is that a word?) for tomorrow hasn't sunk in yet. But I have an uncanny-knack that I wont be getting much sleep tonight, and my alarm is set for 4.45am. Haha! 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

"Grandmas' Sunday Dinner"

A photo a day - Day 7, August 17th. 

On this very plate was once a Sunday dinner; chicken, rice and peas, vegetables and roast potatoes. (I still don't even know how my grandma makes them so well.) 
The potato you may observe was the one I was saving until very last because I just knew it would be the best bloody potato ever cooked. I was right! I'm already feeling nostalgic and it has only been like 2 hours since it was consumed. Man there's just something about my grandma's dinners which are just so fantastic. Is it the chicken, cooked to perfection without a timer on the oven? Or those damn potatoes which are just so crispy in the most perfect way? Her dinners deserve awards. But at the same time only my family and I deserve her dinners, and they should only touch the tips of our tongues and excite only our taste buds. Yeah, I like it better that way. 
I love giving my grandma company because she loves it, and loves when we love her food, although she pretends to think that nobody likes it and is "surprised" and laughs when the reply is a quick "Everybody loves your food grandma!"
       Grandmas are so special. And they can cook a hell of a Sunday dinner! 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

"Bed Before Morning Run and Modern Family"

A photo a day - Day 6, August 16th.

This was taken right before my morning run. I changed my sheets the night before and so my bed was crisp and quite cold despite the fact that I just got up. I really value health and fitness. I can't talk tbh though! I'm writing this at 10.00pm because I just got back from this family get together (basically where there was dancing, reggae and tipsy grown ups). I had a lot to eat, including 3 packets of crisps. Don't look so surprised! I could have eaten more but we had to leave. (teehee) Anyway, since I'm going to St Lucia in 2 days, I figured I might as well start getting fit so I can look, well, fit in my bikini! (I tried eating healthy...) I'll post a pic of the bikini tomorrow.
          At 6.30am when my alarm goes off and I force myself to get up, I sort of get this weird attraction to my bed that I never know I have until I wake up. It's just so warm and the duvet has moulded to the shape of my bent legs, and the pillow dips so that my head is in the perfect posistion. Unfortunately as soon as I get up, my bed pops back to its original state; cold and crisp.
My bed does look quite pretty though.
I like the juxtaposition of the warm, firery red colours and the pale, dull blue-y grey with the white and purple pillow. Haha, I'm trying to sound like Cam from Modern Family because in an episode where him, Mitch, Alex and Manny go to the art museum he ends up feeling like the dumb one of the group. At the end, him, Mitch and Manny try to analyise a piece of art and try to sound really intelligent but he's just talking about a mustard stain on Alex's t-shirt. That was such a good episode.

Friday, 15 August 2014

"Therapeutic baking, life and cannibalism"

A photo a day - Day 5, August 15th.

Baking is really therapeutic!
Baking is life.
It starts off with a bowl and other utensils. (Conception.) Then you start adding things to it: Butter, eggs, flour, milk.
Until you have this mixture. You mix it until it's just right. (Birth.)
Afterwards, the mixture gets put into the oven to grow and blossom. (Puberty!)
Finally you have the masterpiece, which you created. It may not turn out how you planned, but you decide to eat it anyway. Oh gosh this is starting to sound like cannibalism.
Anyways, adding all of the ingredients gives you time to realise what your problems are.
The mixing gives you time to reflect on those problems.
And putting it in the oven gives you time - (roughly 22-25 mins) - to sort it all out.
       I've enjoyed writing this while listening to Phoenix. It's so random, and not that great, and my handwriting - (I write in a notebook first if you're wondering) - is appalling, but the cakes are baking in the oven and that's all that matters.

Phoenix playlist I was listening to:
  • If I Ever Feel Better.
  • Lisztomania.
  • Run Run Run.
  • Too Young.
  • Consolation Prizes.
  • Long Distance Call.
  • Chloroform.
  • Armistice.
  • One Time Too Many.
Their other songs are amazing too so you should check them out! 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

"Young, undiscovered dreams"

A photo a day - Day 4, August 14th.

I wonder what my baby cousin is dreaming about. 
I hope it isn't a nightmare, but I wouldn't be surprised because I think a storm is about to break loose! The sky is dark grey and I can hear brontide - the low distant rumbling of thunder (beautiful word!) 
OK, back to the point. 
Is she dreaming of colours, numbers, animals? I wonder if she is enjoying her dream - if she is dreaming at all. Does she have the brain power to be like "nah this dream is well dry" and change it, just like that? (*cue the click of the fingers sound*)
Ahh. Who knows.
Why try and figure out the unknown anyway? The undiscovered, to me, is like a collection.
Collections lose their value once they are opened, therefore the unknown will too lose its value and attractiveness once it is known.
Lets just be forever thankful for the secret beauties of the world and the human brain.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

"Summer Homework"

A photo a day - Day 3, August 13th.

Yep, you read right. Summer Homework.
Please correct me if I'm wrong but the words 'summer' and 'homework' really should not be in the same sentence. Unless you're saying something along the lines of "Yay it's summer and I don't need to worry about bloody homework!"
If that kind of sentence is unfamiliar with you, you may need to re-write your brain dictionary!
Umm. . .who needs to focus on who supported or opposed the Weimar Republic in 1919? Not me that's for sure!
This summer is all about relaxing, preparing myself for next year at school because it's "the big year" where "everything counts." Preparing comes in different forms. A form I like to do is enjoying these tiny 6 weeks of freedom, seeing friends, not wasting a day, being rebellious.
          . . .or maybe starting a blog.
I think that the weather is starting to feel my pain with a passion because there is a huge, dark, ominous, gray cloud slowly but surely making its way towards my bedroom window. I'm full of foreboding but I suppose that's better than trying to figure out how the support from certain political parties affected the government.