Monday, 18 August 2014

"Shop Shop Shop"

A photo a day - Day 8, August 18th.

What a day!
Last minute shopping at Westfields. We came at a great time because not many people were there! And we had an early lunch at T.G.I Fridays (heaven.) I bought a pretty skort and a burgundy singlet, this amazing green checked skirt from H&M and about 50 hair bands. (I lose about that much in the space of 2 days, but I'm determined!) 
I really wanted to buy a new bikini top because I was having second thoughts about the strapless one. But oh well, I'm not complaining. I haven't even packed yet, and I still need to hang out a clothes wash, but I think I will got to the laundrette. 
I think that the fact that I haven't done those two things is the reason why the excitedness (is that a word?) for tomorrow hasn't sunk in yet. But I have an uncanny-knack that I wont be getting much sleep tonight, and my alarm is set for 4.45am. Haha! 

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