Saturday, 16 August 2014

"Bed Before Morning Run and Modern Family"

A photo a day - Day 6, August 16th.

This was taken right before my morning run. I changed my sheets the night before and so my bed was crisp and quite cold despite the fact that I just got up. I really value health and fitness. I can't talk tbh though! I'm writing this at 10.00pm because I just got back from this family get together (basically where there was dancing, reggae and tipsy grown ups). I had a lot to eat, including 3 packets of crisps. Don't look so surprised! I could have eaten more but we had to leave. (teehee) Anyway, since I'm going to St Lucia in 2 days, I figured I might as well start getting fit so I can look, well, fit in my bikini! (I tried eating healthy...) I'll post a pic of the bikini tomorrow.
          At 6.30am when my alarm goes off and I force myself to get up, I sort of get this weird attraction to my bed that I never know I have until I wake up. It's just so warm and the duvet has moulded to the shape of my bent legs, and the pillow dips so that my head is in the perfect posistion. Unfortunately as soon as I get up, my bed pops back to its original state; cold and crisp.
My bed does look quite pretty though.
I like the juxtaposition of the warm, firery red colours and the pale, dull blue-y grey with the white and purple pillow. Haha, I'm trying to sound like Cam from Modern Family because in an episode where him, Mitch, Alex and Manny go to the art museum he ends up feeling like the dumb one of the group. At the end, him, Mitch and Manny try to analyise a piece of art and try to sound really intelligent but he's just talking about a mustard stain on Alex's t-shirt. That was such a good episode.

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