Sunday, 17 August 2014

"Grandmas' Sunday Dinner"

A photo a day - Day 7, August 17th. 

On this very plate was once a Sunday dinner; chicken, rice and peas, vegetables and roast potatoes. (I still don't even know how my grandma makes them so well.) 
The potato you may observe was the one I was saving until very last because I just knew it would be the best bloody potato ever cooked. I was right! I'm already feeling nostalgic and it has only been like 2 hours since it was consumed. Man there's just something about my grandma's dinners which are just so fantastic. Is it the chicken, cooked to perfection without a timer on the oven? Or those damn potatoes which are just so crispy in the most perfect way? Her dinners deserve awards. But at the same time only my family and I deserve her dinners, and they should only touch the tips of our tongues and excite only our taste buds. Yeah, I like it better that way. 
I love giving my grandma company because she loves it, and loves when we love her food, although she pretends to think that nobody likes it and is "surprised" and laughs when the reply is a quick "Everybody loves your food grandma!"
       Grandmas are so special. And they can cook a hell of a Sunday dinner! 

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