Wednesday, 27 August 2014

"Makes Me Feel About The Way I Feel"

A photo a day - Day 16, August 26th.

Thinking about being young makes me feel the way I feel about thinking about my future.
It also makes me feel as wordy as that sentence!
It confuses me.
Like, was there anything I missed out? Should I have done something to block out the nostalgia in my brain for the future I now call the present?
I guess I will never figure it out.
I can only watch the young people I love, watch them go about growing up and learning new things.
Life doesn't wait for anyone.
No one.
Once you're born, that's it.
No going back.
No going back.
From the moment you start breathing in your birthday suit, you have the responsibility in yourself to grow up.
Of course you will be 'brought' up, but no one can make you grow up.
Life is an evil and wonderful challenge we start facing from day 1.
We're the pilot of our experiences, our good moments.
Once they're done, they are done.
I think that's why they say that in a way, being young are the best days of your life. Maybe the plane is being stirred by others sometimes.
But in the end it's always yours.

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