Tuesday, 12 August 2014

"The nostalgia box"

A photo a day - Day 2, August 12th.

This box fills me with a great wave of nostalgia. I was lucky to receive it as a secret santa present from my friend last year.
Inside are letters from my friends, a lush bath bomb which is responsible for the sweet refreshing smell that manages to escape into every corner of my bedroom with a lift of the lid. Overtime, I have added things into the box. There are coins, chocolates, bits of blue glass from my favourite lamp which, although broken, is still on my shelf being used to this day. There was once a book called 'Blue' by Sue Mayfield inside but it has now transferred itself to my book shelf. It is an amazing book.

This box reminds me of great, if not better times. It inspires me to love myself and others. It reminds me to love my friends, to count myself lucky.

I love the way it smells and how it fits neatly on my table.

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