Wednesday, 27 August 2014

"The Way We Look"

A photo a day - Day 12, August 22th.

We're so obsessed with the way we look, especially women.
But with the expectations of a woman in our society, it's actually impossible not to be.
We spend ages trying to perfect ourselves, to impress everyone around us. In some situations, we try just as hard to satisfy only one person.
Often I think that the people who surround us, our friends and colleagues are secretly the ones who we try hard to keep interested and satisfied. Yes, the media make us feel bad, but so do the people we see everyday. This is because we're all different; they will always be something that someone has that you don't. We all have different opinions, wants and perspectives which makes it harder to truly fulfil someones desire.
We dress to impress, but if we broaden our view a bit we actually dress to demoralize as well. An example of this is possibly a time when you were at a party and decided that you had the nicest make up, the coolest outfit, and made sure that you let everyone know about it; quietly and mentally.
But what can we even do about that?
Wanting to impress somebody is human nature.
Falling for the media's bombarded images of unrealistic bodies is almost too easy.
Trying hard - sometimes too hard - is human.

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