Friday, 15 August 2014

"Therapeutic baking, life and cannibalism"

A photo a day - Day 5, August 15th.

Baking is really therapeutic!
Baking is life.
It starts off with a bowl and other utensils. (Conception.) Then you start adding things to it: Butter, eggs, flour, milk.
Until you have this mixture. You mix it until it's just right. (Birth.)
Afterwards, the mixture gets put into the oven to grow and blossom. (Puberty!)
Finally you have the masterpiece, which you created. It may not turn out how you planned, but you decide to eat it anyway. Oh gosh this is starting to sound like cannibalism.
Anyways, adding all of the ingredients gives you time to realise what your problems are.
The mixing gives you time to reflect on those problems.
And putting it in the oven gives you time - (roughly 22-25 mins) - to sort it all out.
       I've enjoyed writing this while listening to Phoenix. It's so random, and not that great, and my handwriting - (I write in a notebook first if you're wondering) - is appalling, but the cakes are baking in the oven and that's all that matters.

Phoenix playlist I was listening to:
  • If I Ever Feel Better.
  • Lisztomania.
  • Run Run Run.
  • Too Young.
  • Consolation Prizes.
  • Long Distance Call.
  • Chloroform.
  • Armistice.
  • One Time Too Many.
Their other songs are amazing too so you should check them out! 

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