Wednesday, 27 August 2014


A photo a day - Day 14, August 24th.

There is a tsunami.
The waves that were once a continuous cycle of tranquility are now a raging, urgent and majestic cycle of fury.
Go on, close your eyes and imagine it.
The quiet, still air you were once breathing in now struggles to enter your nostrils and you find yourself drowning into the depths of the unknown.
You don't see; you hear, you feel and you drown.
Suddenly there is so depth. 
There is absence of colour; just the dark watery and salty sea.
You are left to quarrel with the force that is driving you downwards, power one second, impact the next.
Hope and then doubt.
Rage and then fear.
Life and then. . .
From the peaceful stretch of tide, to death. 

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