Wednesday, 27 August 2014

"When I'm Rich"

A photo a day - Day 15, August 25th.

When I'm rich, I will spend my life's savings on the fanciest hotel in the world.
When I'm rich, I will have a pool that overlooks the grand blue stretch of the ocean.
When I'm rich, I will burn my hundred pound notes in the fire to keep myself warm.
When I'm rich, my wedding dress will be a Vera Wang from the Classic collection.
When I'm rich, my husband will be silver and our children will be gold.
When I'm rich, my jet plane will be able to seat over 200 people.
When I'm rich, I will die rich.
When I'm rich, I will be happy.
When I'm rich I will bathe in the happiness I call money.

Too ambitious?
Yeah ur right - lemme just get a job first then we'll see how things work out. 

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