Thursday, 14 August 2014

"Young, undiscovered dreams"

A photo a day - Day 4, August 14th.

I wonder what my baby cousin is dreaming about. 
I hope it isn't a nightmare, but I wouldn't be surprised because I think a storm is about to break loose! The sky is dark grey and I can hear brontide - the low distant rumbling of thunder (beautiful word!) 
OK, back to the point. 
Is she dreaming of colours, numbers, animals? I wonder if she is enjoying her dream - if she is dreaming at all. Does she have the brain power to be like "nah this dream is well dry" and change it, just like that? (*cue the click of the fingers sound*)
Ahh. Who knows.
Why try and figure out the unknown anyway? The undiscovered, to me, is like a collection.
Collections lose their value once they are opened, therefore the unknown will too lose its value and attractiveness once it is known.
Lets just be forever thankful for the secret beauties of the world and the human brain.

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