Saturday, 13 September 2014

Teens and their social media and networking.

Ah, in the Empire of Social Media, there’s either a lot you miss out on if you aren’t ‘in’ on it, or a huge risk you’re taking if you enter it. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and Instagram – you name it – they’re all the nucleus of our weaknesses or our guilty pleasures. There have been many theories as to how social networks affect teenagers, but what’s interesting is the opinion of how it affects teenagers from an actual teenager.
Tumblr is the famous blogging website with 144.6 million blogs and 65.9 billion posts. Tumblr, as stated, is a place where you can “Effortlessly share anything”, but is that a good thing? Among the millions of teenagers who use Tumblr, or any other social networking site, the ability to “effortlessly share anything” must come with some limits, for example, cyber-bullying – a worldwide form of bullying on the Internet. 
Many websites nowadays offer today’s youth the entrance to entertainment and communication with others and the numbers have rapidly grown over recent years. In the early months of 2012, according to the Internet world statistics, there were 2,336 millions of beings online, and exactly a year later in early 2013, there has been an increase of about 410 million online users. Teenagers, who are completely vulnerable on the Internet, get hugely affected by things said about them on these social networks, but what keeps them coming back?
Oyinda, aged 14 mentions the positives about the social network Tumblr: "The great thing about Tumblr is that you get to be part of something massive, feel like you belong. You meet people with the same interests as you and you learn so much with regards to the environment and social issues. With everyone living in different places around the world it’s a great way to learn about different cultures. Also you get to see such beautiful things on Tumblr and read such amazing things."
However, when a teenager isolates themselves from society and, according to statistics, spend up to 31 hours a week upon a computer screen, they may get  fooled by the media’s ‘expectations’ of a person, or be brainwashed into thinking what is the right or wrong thing to do in life. The negative side of social networking has a huge impact on young adults. People tend to say negative things online, or post things in the spur of the moment, and the problem with that is that even if you delete your account five minutes later, it’s still stored on the Internet; people can still see it and start to gossip.
Oyinda, aged 14 mentions the negatives about the social network Tumblr: "The negative thing about Tumblr is that sometimes people tend to romanticize things that shouldn’t be romanticized. Occasionally, people make serious mental-health issues like self-harm seem beautiful when it isn’t. The problem is that people start to get the wrong idea of mental illness or body image. Tumblr is a form [of] media, and [the] media tend to portray perfect bodies of beautiful women. I think it warps people’s minds into thinking that they have to look this way in order to be seen as attractive."
Social media sometimes glorifies sadness and illustrates the type of bodies’ girls and boys should have. It definitely decomposes the confidence in adolescents and really demoralizes them. I think that, among all of its interesting, entertaining and partly-educational charms, it is very thought provoking and scarily brainwashing, which leads to the question; “Are teenagers happier without social media?”
Pamela, aged 16: "I think it might be better without social networks; there are always people who try to bring you down; haters and people who’re judging you by everything. But I still think that we’re happier with social networks; just to talk to someone you didn’t see in a while, or people who moved away out of your city. It’s a way to talk to each other without travelling a lot."
So it seems social media/networking occupies a very special place in some teenagers hearts and seems to be a great way of exploring and experimenting. It does affect teens, greatly and badly, but they appear to observe and responsibly deal with the negative things they face.

 ~ article by Zoe Thompson.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

A photo a day - The End.

My photo a day challenge has come to an end people! I have spent 25 days doing something I love everyday which is writing and taking photos. It's been so fun! Doing a photo a day has really made me enjoy photography and documenting even more, and I definitely want to carrry it on in the future. I will do a collage of all the photos I have taken so that they can all be together. If you love writing and photography then doing a photo a day is really useful to see if you want to do something with it. Thanks to anyone who looked at my photos and everything. xx

Thursday, 4 September 2014

"The Pig Who Guarded the Shoes"

A photo a day - Day 25, September 4. 

The pig who guarded the shoes.
So this curious little spectacle happened to be placed en route home from school today. As soon as I saw it, theories, stories and scenarios sparked up inside my brain.
Was the pig really guarding the children's shoes placed in an odd manner on the upside down pink table?
What if the pig was just about to rescue the shoes but saw everyone staring at her and so froze for eternity?
Was she going to steal the shoes? (so rude I know)
The theory I came up with was that the pig was guarding the shoes because they had some weird superpower that could give the pig immortality. The pig had heard that the shoes also gave the sensation of being high up in the air, as if you were floating. She could not wait to fly. The pig was as tired of walking as pigeons these days are as tired to use their wings. The children who wore the shoes should have been immortal as well, however the pig cast a spell upon them, causing them to take off their shoes and drop to their death. (they didn't actually drop to their death but the shoes gave them the feeling of being high up so...)
Now the pig guarding them with all of his might. She watched from the corner of her eye, looked up and down and round and round, as if she was constantly rolling her eyes. Her plan was to wait until midnight to take the shoes and live forever.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

"Head out of the clouds and into the books"

A photo a day - Day 24, September 3rd.

Ahh, the first day of school. 
The day when you are reunited with the people you held grudges with 6 or 7 weeks ago, the teachers you had those awkward moments with (including the one you called 'mum') and your beloved friends who you were excited to see despite the fact that they had made plans with other friends during the holiday and not you. I enjoyed being back on the school grounds, smelling the fresh corridors and the classrooms which after a while had a stench of sweaty people in school uniform. 
It was an excellent day tbh, and I know this is really important year so I'm determined to work hard. Being a prefect also adds on a tiny bit more responsibility and stress but the outcome is good. Besides, you get to show the lower school who runs these grounds from day 1 which is bloody awesome. (I mean, who doesn't like being bossy every once in a while) 
I got my grades back from Science and Religious studies today. (B for science and A for rs) I don't know; I'm happy with the grades, but there is a part of me that expected more from science. Like I revised a lot. I really tried. A B isn't bad to be fair and I shouldn't complain; there are people who did much much worse than me I guess. 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

"Last Day Of Summer"

A photo a day - Day 23, September 2nd.

I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the last day of summer. Usually I would have gone out with friends and done something to celebrate getting through the academic year. But instead I spent 3 quarters of the day shopping for new shoes and a top hat with my brother and sister. It was a good day and I got everything I needed! I remember feeling so hungry, and when we got home I had the most gorgeous sandwich in all existence. (bacon, chicken and avocado if you were wondering) Then I sewed up the back of my new school skirt because the split at the back was not how I wanted to start off year 11. I had planned to wear my first, original school skirt, but I agreed that it had served its time. I could sew up the side, but there would still be an atrocious whole at the bottom and to be honest that's worse than the bloody split! After blogging and listening to music I got ready to go to the cinema to watch 'As Above So Below' with my sisters and cousin which was absolutely fantastic. I have never enjoyed a scary film before. It was intense, creepy and really well explained. Excellent story line too. This photo was taken in the car on the way back. It was dark, and we were listening to the 'Boiling' by Disclosure. The bass entered my ears so smoothly and I could almost feel the music surrounding me. I felt alive; I had just watched a thrilling movie and despite the fact that school is the very next day, I felt excited and felt like saying ''BRING IT ON SCHOOL, COME AT ME." 
I thought it was a great way to end the summer holidays. 
Hope everyone had an amazing holiday too! 

Monday, 1 September 2014

"This God damn Coconut Cream"

A photo a day - Day 22, September 1st.

OMG - I just realized this is my first September photo of my ''a photo a day"
Time has gone so damn fast man!
Anyways, I wanted to dedicate a photo to this mother lickin' coconut cream that my Nan gave to us to take back home to London when we were in St Lucia.
First of all this stuff is the chiz. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and amazing, and over time your skin just appears so much more radiant and healthy. It's like really greasy and sometimes when you scoop some onto your finger you think it isn't enough, but then you rub your hands together and realize there is actually a lot.
I have so much respect for this cream. It changes states for god damn sake! One second it's some weird liquid which kind of puts you off (but you use the stuff anyway). Then you blink and it has started to harden already. That's how you can tell that it is all natural - no random chemicals to keep it in one state. Among all of its qualities, it also has the strangest yet nicest smell ever.
Man I love this coconut cream.