Wednesday, 3 September 2014

"Head out of the clouds and into the books"

A photo a day - Day 24, September 3rd.

Ahh, the first day of school. 
The day when you are reunited with the people you held grudges with 6 or 7 weeks ago, the teachers you had those awkward moments with (including the one you called 'mum') and your beloved friends who you were excited to see despite the fact that they had made plans with other friends during the holiday and not you. I enjoyed being back on the school grounds, smelling the fresh corridors and the classrooms which after a while had a stench of sweaty people in school uniform. 
It was an excellent day tbh, and I know this is really important year so I'm determined to work hard. Being a prefect also adds on a tiny bit more responsibility and stress but the outcome is good. Besides, you get to show the lower school who runs these grounds from day 1 which is bloody awesome. (I mean, who doesn't like being bossy every once in a while) 
I got my grades back from Science and Religious studies today. (B for science and A for rs) I don't know; I'm happy with the grades, but there is a part of me that expected more from science. Like I revised a lot. I really tried. A B isn't bad to be fair and I shouldn't complain; there are people who did much much worse than me I guess. 

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