Thursday, 4 September 2014

"The Pig Who Guarded the Shoes"

A photo a day - Day 25, September 4. 

The pig who guarded the shoes.
So this curious little spectacle happened to be placed en route home from school today. As soon as I saw it, theories, stories and scenarios sparked up inside my brain.
Was the pig really guarding the children's shoes placed in an odd manner on the upside down pink table?
What if the pig was just about to rescue the shoes but saw everyone staring at her and so froze for eternity?
Was she going to steal the shoes? (so rude I know)
The theory I came up with was that the pig was guarding the shoes because they had some weird superpower that could give the pig immortality. The pig had heard that the shoes also gave the sensation of being high up in the air, as if you were floating. She could not wait to fly. The pig was as tired of walking as pigeons these days are as tired to use their wings. The children who wore the shoes should have been immortal as well, however the pig cast a spell upon them, causing them to take off their shoes and drop to their death. (they didn't actually drop to their death but the shoes gave them the feeling of being high up so...)
Now the pig guarding them with all of his might. She watched from the corner of her eye, looked up and down and round and round, as if she was constantly rolling her eyes. Her plan was to wait until midnight to take the shoes and live forever.

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