Monday, 1 September 2014

"This God damn Coconut Cream"

A photo a day - Day 22, September 1st.

OMG - I just realized this is my first September photo of my ''a photo a day"
Time has gone so damn fast man!
Anyways, I wanted to dedicate a photo to this mother lickin' coconut cream that my Nan gave to us to take back home to London when we were in St Lucia.
First of all this stuff is the chiz. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and amazing, and over time your skin just appears so much more radiant and healthy. It's like really greasy and sometimes when you scoop some onto your finger you think it isn't enough, but then you rub your hands together and realize there is actually a lot.
I have so much respect for this cream. It changes states for god damn sake! One second it's some weird liquid which kind of puts you off (but you use the stuff anyway). Then you blink and it has started to harden already. That's how you can tell that it is all natural - no random chemicals to keep it in one state. Among all of its qualities, it also has the strangest yet nicest smell ever.
Man I love this coconut cream.

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