Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Sending good vibes for the new year.

  1. Joining Uncover theatre and taking part in our sketch-show called Phenomena! 
  2. Meeting Ewan McGregor at Greenwich park. 
  3. Finishing Religious Studies and never looking back. 
  4. Going on my DofE Bronze expedition. 
  5. Having my first all-nighter with friends in summer.
  6. Going to summer camp (aka Kungfu camp). Got fitter + made friends. 
  7. St Lucia, which I will never forget. First time in the Caribbean.
  8. Seeing Ed Sheeran live, my first concert. 
  9. Seeing Stromae live -  Most amazing concert ever. 
  10. Doing Year 11 Entertainment which was such a great success! 
Do I even have to think about the bad things? Heck so many good things happened this year and I really want - in fact, I know - that 2015 will be better, so I'm sending good vibes into the new year by remembering how awesome 2014 was. WOOO HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS I HOPE IT'S A GOOD ONE. Here's a pic of me sending them if you thought I was lying:

Sunday, 28 December 2014

I have finally landed on planet Instagram.

Yup that's right I've got instagram now yaaaaaaay!
Add me: cosmic.grrl

I was on a massive hype last night and stayed up till 12 making it. It's not even that amazing. I took about 70 photos and still only have...1 post! But I've followed loads of people and now I'm very excited! I'm going to add some pics from here onto Insta to get people viewing. It's weird to be getting instagram because everyone's had it now and I sort of feel like the newbie and to be honest, should I really be signing into another feature of the wonderful world of social networking? Becuase all I see before the "sign in" button is distraction distraction distraction, and I do have some important decision making and work to do. Oh well! Life's boring if you don't procrastinate every once in a while (in my case every minute of the day.) Anyway, here's a picture that took quite long to make of me landing on planet Instagram ~ enjoy.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Successful shopping trips warm my heart

Today was so good! Boxing Day Sales! Usually I'm just like nah, but today I felt like I was on fire. (in the good way of course) Christmas was also much better than expected and I received some very nice presents so I'm so grateful! All in all, I received a new Eastpack school bag, mom jeans, bits of jewellery, slippers, a little box of makeup and hand cream, a pajama set and I got TOPSHOP and PRIMARK gift vouchers + 30 pounds from my aunt and unc. So me, my sis and my cousin woke up at the crack of dawn and got down to Bromley for about 25 past 9 (the sales opened at 9 so it wasn't too bad).

We went to PRIMARK first, and to begin with I was a bit bored because I couldn't find much. Then I stumbled across a 5 pound rack with thin patterned shirts and I tried on one and thought that I might as well! Then we went to TOPSHOP and I didn't find much for a good price but I didn't want to give up because it's not everyday that I actually shop in TOPSHOP. I went over to the shoe section and after looking I found the perfect pair: Blue velvet, high-platformed ankle boots - IT WAS HEAVEN! I had to hang onto those whilst I looked for clothes. They were 18 pounds on sale so I had 13 pounds left. I found a couple of tops and tried stuff on and ended up buying a black long-sleeved crop top for a tenner. That was really useful tbh, because my sis had one and I constantly borrowed it, and I was wearing my friends black crop top that she lent me so I thought it was a brilliant investment.

THEN, we all had book tokens so we popped into Waterstones book shop and browsed around. We found the teenage fiction area (i mean, why not) and I bought "If You Find Me" by Emily Murdoch and "Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell. We made a pit stop at McDonalds which I don't regret, then on our way out of Bromely I quickly stopped at Paperchase to see if they had any fat chunky notebooks that I could do all my journal and normal writing in. That was a success!!! At first I was 10p short for it, but I didn't give up because for so long I have been keeping random 10ps around in my pockets, bags and purses and I found one and bought the beautiful baby and then we were finally on our way.

It had to be the most successful shopping trip I have ever, ever, ever had. When I was walking down my road, shopping bags in hand, I felt so happy. Pictures below of my lovely purchases!

So yeah, that was the beginning of my day! I hope each and everyone of you had a magnificent Christmas! <3

Long-sleeved crop from TOPSHOP





Books from Waterstones and Cherry notebook from Paperchase.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Legendary Entertainment.

The entertainment went so unbelievably, fantastically and amazingly well! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We performed twice and by the second show everyone was in full swing and really confident, but I remember running down the isle on the first showing dancing to Hollerback Girl, laughing with my friends.

I was so hyped the entire day. The singing and dancing were great but I have to admit, the sketches that we put on were the best. A group of friends did a sketch about what goes on in our school staff room, where they all dressed up as the teachers and took the mickey out of them. They mocked them so well, it was almost too mean but holy crap was it funny. You couldn't even hear them properly because the audience were laughing every 2 seconds. I did a sketch with my twin sister which was based on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but in our case The Suite Life of Zoe and Cleo. That was a lot of fun.

I just knew we (meaning the current year 11s) would be the ones to put on the entertainment that people wouldn't stop talking about. The last 2 years have been so terrible! So bad that it kind of gave "Year 11 Entertainment" a bad reputation, so I'm guessing that most of the other years didn't expect much. But we blew them away and I could not be more proud of us! It's strange that it's just over now, and very sad too. We'd all waited to put on the show since year 7 and now it's over, and it was the last time our entire year would do something when we're all literally together because next year most of us will be at different Sixth Forms. *cries*
But what matters is that we put on a hella good show. I made a collage of a bunch of photos I took through out the day and some other photos.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

school is annoying and I think I have writer's block??

Mock week is almost over which is so relieving! Last exam tomorrow; Maths calc paper. I hope it goes way better than the non-calc today. I couldn't work out the bloody simultaneous equations and I thought I had that in the bag! Such a disappointment. I tried not to care too much. It's been a stressful yet quite fun week I think.

Pros: "Study Leave", i.e sleeping in and dedicating only an hour before I leave for school to revise. Cons: EXAMS!
After tomorrow I will celebrate with friends and just look forward to the end of term. I've basically got no lessons because I spend two weeks working on our school tradition called 'Year 11 Entertainment' - I'VE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD FOR THIS MOMENT EVER SINCE 2011. I remember looking up at the old year 11s when I was in year 7 just wanting to be up there, and now it's my year doing it. So crazy.
The best part is the end though; the whole school comes together to sing the 12 days of christmas song and year 11s always get to sing FIVE GOLD RINGS! I've waited five years to sing those lines and my heart races just thinking about it tbh.
ANYWAYS tomorrow will be the end of the stress and I know I tried my best so I suppose that's what's most important!

So on to the writers block. This online magazine called Plasma Dolphin is creating their 5th issue which is called BEWITCHED, and I am contributing to it and thinking of writing about a Haunted House or Tarot Cards. I had some lovely inspiration from my friend Oyinda who is my writing inspiration and now I've just got to get started but I'm still quite unsure of where it is going to go. Hopefully once I get started my thoughts will take off and in January I'll receive an email from Plasma Dolphin saying they liked the article.

I'm really excited and if they don't accept it, I'll just learn from it you know? Like there's not much you can do, and I will continue to write because it makes me happy! I'll keep you guys updated and even do some samples on what I'm working on! I'm A Celebrity has just finished and I should probably get to bed. I finished my book so I'll be quite lonely tonight (cries) but my friend is giving me a book tomorrow! Have a good morning/evening or night where ever you guys are! x