Sunday, 28 December 2014

I have finally landed on planet Instagram.

Yup that's right I've got instagram now yaaaaaaay!
Add me: cosmic.grrl

I was on a massive hype last night and stayed up till 12 making it. It's not even that amazing. I took about 70 photos and still only have...1 post! But I've followed loads of people and now I'm very excited! I'm going to add some pics from here onto Insta to get people viewing. It's weird to be getting instagram because everyone's had it now and I sort of feel like the newbie and to be honest, should I really be signing into another feature of the wonderful world of social networking? Becuase all I see before the "sign in" button is distraction distraction distraction, and I do have some important decision making and work to do. Oh well! Life's boring if you don't procrastinate every once in a while (in my case every minute of the day.) Anyway, here's a picture that took quite long to make of me landing on planet Instagram ~ enjoy.

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