Wednesday, 3 December 2014

school is annoying and I think I have writer's block??

Mock week is almost over which is so relieving! Last exam tomorrow; Maths calc paper. I hope it goes way better than the non-calc today. I couldn't work out the bloody simultaneous equations and I thought I had that in the bag! Such a disappointment. I tried not to care too much. It's been a stressful yet quite fun week I think.

Pros: "Study Leave", i.e sleeping in and dedicating only an hour before I leave for school to revise. Cons: EXAMS!
After tomorrow I will celebrate with friends and just look forward to the end of term. I've basically got no lessons because I spend two weeks working on our school tradition called 'Year 11 Entertainment' - I'VE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD FOR THIS MOMENT EVER SINCE 2011. I remember looking up at the old year 11s when I was in year 7 just wanting to be up there, and now it's my year doing it. So crazy.
The best part is the end though; the whole school comes together to sing the 12 days of christmas song and year 11s always get to sing FIVE GOLD RINGS! I've waited five years to sing those lines and my heart races just thinking about it tbh.
ANYWAYS tomorrow will be the end of the stress and I know I tried my best so I suppose that's what's most important!

So on to the writers block. This online magazine called Plasma Dolphin is creating their 5th issue which is called BEWITCHED, and I am contributing to it and thinking of writing about a Haunted House or Tarot Cards. I had some lovely inspiration from my friend Oyinda who is my writing inspiration and now I've just got to get started but I'm still quite unsure of where it is going to go. Hopefully once I get started my thoughts will take off and in January I'll receive an email from Plasma Dolphin saying they liked the article.

I'm really excited and if they don't accept it, I'll just learn from it you know? Like there's not much you can do, and I will continue to write because it makes me happy! I'll keep you guys updated and even do some samples on what I'm working on! I'm A Celebrity has just finished and I should probably get to bed. I finished my book so I'll be quite lonely tonight (cries) but my friend is giving me a book tomorrow! Have a good morning/evening or night where ever you guys are! x

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