Friday, 26 December 2014

Successful shopping trips warm my heart

Today was so good! Boxing Day Sales! Usually I'm just like nah, but today I felt like I was on fire. (in the good way of course) Christmas was also much better than expected and I received some very nice presents so I'm so grateful! All in all, I received a new Eastpack school bag, mom jeans, bits of jewellery, slippers, a little box of makeup and hand cream, a pajama set and I got TOPSHOP and PRIMARK gift vouchers + 30 pounds from my aunt and unc. So me, my sis and my cousin woke up at the crack of dawn and got down to Bromley for about 25 past 9 (the sales opened at 9 so it wasn't too bad).

We went to PRIMARK first, and to begin with I was a bit bored because I couldn't find much. Then I stumbled across a 5 pound rack with thin patterned shirts and I tried on one and thought that I might as well! Then we went to TOPSHOP and I didn't find much for a good price but I didn't want to give up because it's not everyday that I actually shop in TOPSHOP. I went over to the shoe section and after looking I found the perfect pair: Blue velvet, high-platformed ankle boots - IT WAS HEAVEN! I had to hang onto those whilst I looked for clothes. They were 18 pounds on sale so I had 13 pounds left. I found a couple of tops and tried stuff on and ended up buying a black long-sleeved crop top for a tenner. That was really useful tbh, because my sis had one and I constantly borrowed it, and I was wearing my friends black crop top that she lent me so I thought it was a brilliant investment.

THEN, we all had book tokens so we popped into Waterstones book shop and browsed around. We found the teenage fiction area (i mean, why not) and I bought "If You Find Me" by Emily Murdoch and "Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell. We made a pit stop at McDonalds which I don't regret, then on our way out of Bromely I quickly stopped at Paperchase to see if they had any fat chunky notebooks that I could do all my journal and normal writing in. That was a success!!! At first I was 10p short for it, but I didn't give up because for so long I have been keeping random 10ps around in my pockets, bags and purses and I found one and bought the beautiful baby and then we were finally on our way.

It had to be the most successful shopping trip I have ever, ever, ever had. When I was walking down my road, shopping bags in hand, I felt so happy. Pictures below of my lovely purchases!

So yeah, that was the beginning of my day! I hope each and everyone of you had a magnificent Christmas! <3

Long-sleeved crop from TOPSHOP





Books from Waterstones and Cherry notebook from Paperchase.

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