Thursday, 31 December 2015

365 of 365

cheesy title alert! ~ these photos are snapshots of the last day of 2k15, ~ enjoy the journey. ~

At last I can breathe a sigh of relief as the sun sets on the wondrous year of 2015. Usually I'm not
really that bothered; I remember the transition from 2012 to 2013 being very slow and boring - everything was in a state of flux, and 2013 was actually  a disastrous year. 2014 started off with a bang, I just remember feeling happy - still behind, still unknowing, still narrow-minded - but somewhat content. It turned out to be an alright year but combined with a v. small percentage of amazing experiences, most of it was exhausting; there were new friendships, new ideas, new people, new perspectives. A very varied year.

But nothing compares to 2015. Twenty-fifteen; the year when things actually mattered. Well it felt like that anyway. It felt as if every small decision I made secretly had an impact on my future, every little action too. 2015 was a very big year for "firsts": first real crushes, first kisses, (*rolls eyes*) and many more. I'll never forget the feeling of finishing exams. It was an early morning exam and looking back it was over in a blink. I remember running out of the school building, embracing the fresh air because I felt free, running because I had no responsibilities. Best feeling ever.

I met a whole bunch of new people during the summer, went out a lot, did some interesting things. I cannot wait to tell my children in the future so they think I was some rebellious teenager back in the old days.

I kept a diary. I didn't write in it everyday nor did I begin my entries with "Dear Diary", but it is the most valuable and accurate depiction of my year. Pictures capture memories in one shot, but a diary is the deeper meaning behind it. What I felt, what I saw, what I thought. I think it's brilliant to be able to see the person I can become when my emotions get the better of me. Who annoyed me that day because of something stupid. Why I'm tired, happy, upset, stressed. I'm excited to look back in the future.

Let's not forget about the MUSIC. Oh my god, the music! I have to say, Kali Uchis's album, Por Vida, had to be the most exciting new discovery for me on the musical spectrum. It's been played on repeat like no other. Pure gold.


I am determined to make 2k16 a bomb ass one. I hope everyone descends into two-thousand-and-sixteen (it even sounds futuristic and alien) with a pure heart, ambition and positivity. The new year is the finest time for a fresh start, so embrace it with open arms.

I took the long route back from an outing so that I could snap these last memories.
I'll probably look back on these photos this time next year thinking how much I didn't know, how different I looked. Who knows what I'll be thinking when I look back  in memories on something so present to me now?
I'll also be opening my 2k15 good memories jar that I bought at the beginning of the year. It's filled with tiny memories of good days and fun events from January to December. I can't wait to look through them in the evening and fuel myself with good vibes as 2k16 falls upon us.

The sky was so blue today. A sharp, biting wind and flashes of welcoming sun every now and then. The air smelt and felt so fresh and pristine and surroundings were mellow and quiet.

All photos taken by moi.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

meet me on the corner and we'll start again

It's been a while.
HELLO WORLD and all who inhabit it, and merry belated Xmas!

I hate when I don't update in a while, especially over such a festive period but let me tell you - this month has been NON STOP. Literally. I am so exhausted, yet I still seem to be going to bed at like 12. I know that may sound early to some but m8 I am the type of person who needs sleep. I will drop everything at 8pm and go to bed if I feel like it, seriously. But hey, this break is special and different - Christmas passes, the new year passes - it can be a lot to take in and is definitely hella stressful. But I hope everyone has enjoyed their break so far.

My Christmas celebration ended quite late and by the time I got home and made the transition from downstairs to the comfort of under my sheets, my body was shaking with fatigue. (no lie, I even wrote about it in my journal - which was a complete waste of time because it made me even more tired but I was confused and couldn't stop thinking so writing helped, sorta.) ANYWAYS, I have been enjoying this break so far. The thought of exams and revision scares me but you know, *takes deep breath*

These photos sum up the whole week, along with some posts from my insta - **Shameless selfie alert**

On Monday I went to see the Nova Twins perform at an exclusive and acoustic gig. It was located at undergroundshoe's HQ in Shoreditch - on their roof top! How cool is that?!  I have to say, listening to cool music, having free food and drink, being surrounded by incredibly cool people on a roof top in Shoreditch made me feel very, I had such an amazing time! Check out underground - their shoes are to die for!

On Tuesday I went to Winter Wonderland which a bunch of friends I met during the summer. It was so nice catching up even though I went on a ride which left me feeling dazed as f*ck for the rest of tHE ENTIRE EVENING. A memory I shall never forget however.

So yeah, this week has been pretty busy and it's only going to get busier - but hopefully that means a cool blog post will make it's way up during that time! We'll see.  ~ PEACE OUT ~ enjoy the rest of your break and take it nice and easy... <3

Monday, 7 December 2015

half asleep

the lazy haze of a
profoundly unproductive saturday.
(all things about time sound profound.)
was it even unproductive?
i remember doing something.
the darkness of the hour of five scares me.
should i go to bed now?
what about dinner?
i stayed up until 1am to do my hair,
on a risky sunday night,
and woke up at 6am
to finish it off.
so you may tell by the slowness of my words
that i,
    am half,

journal timeline:

hope u didn't fall asleep like i nearly did. ~peace out.~

Saturday, 28 November 2015

That ol' lonesome feelin' all the time

Three songs I have been listening to recently:

  1. Just Out Of Reach - Patsy Cline
  2. Shoot The Heart - Apollo Brown
  3. After Thoughts - Oddisee

These songs all make me feel a certain way that I can't explain. Pasty Cline's "Just Out Of Reach" reminds me of the music that my grandad plays when he's down from St Lucia. That soft, romantic, old country music. Well to be honest I don't know if it was romantic or not; I focused more on the melodies rather than the lyrics. But anyways, I was just playing it and my Dad said it reminded him of the music that my grandma used to play before working night shifts on a Sunday. I don't know why that made me happy - I guess I could just picture it in my head nicely. Whenever I listen to it I get filled with this strong, mellow, nostalgic feeling, and I vow to play music from before my time to my children in the future. I mean when are you going to get anymore timeless music?  The other two just have me effortlessly swaying my shoulders and getting in the zone.

November has been approximately 4 seconds long. How has December just crept up on us? I mean the Christmas-y vibe has been building up but now it's actually here. The end of the year has come. When I think back to the early months of 2015 I feel like I'm thinking back to a secret life I had in a parallel universe. How do you describe a present that's also the past because it's coming to an end?

Anyways here's a bunch of photos that sum up the lowkey special month of November. The penultimate month of the year! May we descend into the glorious month of December with wisdom, grace and ugly Christmas jumpers (which are obviously so not ugly.)

(All photos from

Hey look 'tis me doing nothing with my life on a Friday night! 

I'm a sleepy human being and am very tired! ~PEACE OUT~ peeps, never stop doin' you...