Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I just had an outrage of anger into the depths of my flowery pillow case...

...but that's another story. Something to do with my piano lessons and an exam and the finance office. All a kerfuffle! Very, very very annoying but as I said, my outrage is over and I'm literally typing this whilst sitting in the living room listening to a playlist called "Late night Jazz" on Spotify and it is the most beautiful playlist I have ever heard. So calming, laid back, pretty. It just makes me want to be in a little cafe somewhere where there are cobble street roads, pretty street lights and a nice hum of night-time people on their way in their unique paths of life. I also imagine myself wearing a dark dress with a light cardigan and fancy purse, swaying to the rhythm of the double bass. I just feel so chill and even though it's late and I'm all about that whole "8 hours of sleep thing" I kinda just want to sit here on this laptop, typing away into the melody of the trumpet and cymbols on the drums. Feel free to comment on here asking me stuff or just chatting to me because I'd love to get to know who ever reads anything on here (i also love you for sticking with me)

Now I'm listening to "The Piano Bar" which is also a fantastically beautiful playlist. That piano! Such a witty rhythm and melody and even though it's going so fast I still find my self in time without feeling rushed. It's such a good feeling, listening to empowering music. It's all I need in life, I swear it is. A jazz and piano playlist, maybe a bit of wifi to rant to you guys and a mug of hot green tea. I feel at bliss. Monday was a good day apart from the fact that I had a cold and had a French speaking exam  too. I'm not worried about that though because they select your best speaking and I didn't do too bad on the first one, so PHEW! I also had some good news which I don't want to say but it was great news and I think that it has been at the back of my mind making Tuesday and most of today tolerable. I actually understood physics today as well. So swell.

I don't think I have anything to say now. I've had my anger outrage in to the depths of my flowery pillow case, I've typed over 100 words to you guys and as I type I still shake my head side to side in tune with the gentle piano and double bass. I think I'll get up now and start doing some dancing. See you guys soon! oh and here are some random photos I took of myself, lol. Enjoy and stay cool. xxxx

Saturday, 17 January 2015

17 days into the new year and I'm on a blog hype

I'm trying to contain my excitement as I write this. I've just discovered a new bunch of blogs and websites and dfhsdfhsd it's really thrilling! I want to be a successful blogger, I'd love to get my ideas out to as many people as possible! I kinda know what I want to go into in the future and that is Editorial and Publishing (!!!) I was reading this amazing guide on here - now let me tell you, if you are into any kind of business media then check it out. seriously. SO YEAH even though the future isn't entirely bright, I think I'm on a path.

I woke up this moment thinking about all the things I need to update my blog with and during that process I found a lot of other blogs to follow, and they were all really successful blogs run by teenagers my age, doing something amazing with their lives. It just gives me chills thinking about all the stuff they have achieved. Advertising from brands on their blogs, being featured in really popular magazines like COMPANY. Getting photographed at London Fashion Week, being quoted blogger of the month. How bloody cool is that?! I mean those are hardly "careers" but they're starting points. I love this corner of the Internet where I'm just surrounded by creative people and opportunity. You will see A LOT more of me on the weekends especially - hopefully! I've got loads of new ideas which probably won't fit all onto one post, so I'll see you on another one.

I hope some of my excitement rubbed off on whoever read this and I wish you a creative muse that lasts you a life time starting from....NOW.