Saturday, 17 January 2015

17 days into the new year and I'm on a blog hype

I'm trying to contain my excitement as I write this. I've just discovered a new bunch of blogs and websites and dfhsdfhsd it's really thrilling! I want to be a successful blogger, I'd love to get my ideas out to as many people as possible! I kinda know what I want to go into in the future and that is Editorial and Publishing (!!!) I was reading this amazing guide on here - now let me tell you, if you are into any kind of business media then check it out. seriously. SO YEAH even though the future isn't entirely bright, I think I'm on a path.

I woke up this moment thinking about all the things I need to update my blog with and during that process I found a lot of other blogs to follow, and they were all really successful blogs run by teenagers my age, doing something amazing with their lives. It just gives me chills thinking about all the stuff they have achieved. Advertising from brands on their blogs, being featured in really popular magazines like COMPANY. Getting photographed at London Fashion Week, being quoted blogger of the month. How bloody cool is that?! I mean those are hardly "careers" but they're starting points. I love this corner of the Internet where I'm just surrounded by creative people and opportunity. You will see A LOT more of me on the weekends especially - hopefully! I've got loads of new ideas which probably won't fit all onto one post, so I'll see you on another one.

I hope some of my excitement rubbed off on whoever read this and I wish you a creative muse that lasts you a life time starting from....NOW.

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