Monday, 16 February 2015

I bet your week wasn't as full on as mine

I was SO busy that I lost all sense of time (meaning I literally had to stop what I was doing and ask myself what day it was)
So I haven't really talked about it on here, but I'm part of Uncover theatre at the Albany and we just finished our show called PHENOMENA which took place over three nights: Thurs 12th, Fri 13th, Sat 14th. It was legendary!!! I had soooo much fun doing it; all the hard work really did pay off. What I would have given to be in the audience to see it myself!

We have been rehearsing it since late 2014, but we did a scratch show of it in early 2014 which was just displaying the idea. It went so incredibly well - a few technical fuck ups, which did cause me to get so angry to the point where I cried backstage - but that doesn't even matter because the mistakes made by the """"""professionals""""""" just made us young, non-professionals look professional, and we were because we handled the mistakes too well for words. We smashed it, and we're taking PHENOMENA on tour!
On the 26th of March, we're performing it at the Battersea Arts Centre for a festival (!!!!!!!)

OK, so my week starting from the 9th went like this (bearing in mind I was at school everyday which finishes at 3.25pm):
  • Monday: 5.30-9pm rehearsal.
  • Tuesday: 5.30-9pm rehearsal.
  • Wednesday: 5.30-9pm rehearsal.
  • Thursday: performance
  • Friday: performance
  • Saturday performance + valentine's party woop!
Then on Sunday 15th, me and friends held a suprise birthday party for our friend which was really fun. We watched a movie, talked, ate pizza and cake and just enjoyed eachother's company! here are some pics from it. :))))))


So yeah, this week has been pretty full on. But I can't help smiling when thinking about it. It's been such a good week. Performing, hanging with friends, music, dancing, pizza - what could be better? And now it's half term! A WHOLE WEEK OFF. I'm gonna try and do some revision but I'm also going to give myself time to relax and stuff. Hopefully I'll be blogging a lot more (::: ~Stay cool, PEACE OUT~

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