Monday, 30 March 2015

fun fun times at the BAC!!!! part 2

Hey so after the conference I took a lot of photos! Around the building there were large post-it notes with questions on them where people could write their answers and stick them underneath. Enjoy these bc they're pretty cool!

One of the Laws of Mobility

One of the Laws of Mobility ft my friend Bob's hand

One of the Laws of Mobility

cool secret!!

what makes yours??

answer to what makes your hear beat faster

Good sex? Connections? Life itself?

such a pretty building

accidently took a photo of these people hah oops

we are the future

free lunch was served here

this was me for the whole day

YOLO of course

note to the future self

note to the present self

note to the past self

greatest achievement. Haha anyone notice the pun?

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