Monday, 30 March 2015

fun fun times at the BAC!!!

For those who don't know, the BAC is the Battersea Arts Center in London. So, they had a festival on called "The Hourglass Festival" which ran from the 24th to the 29th of March. Uncover theatre which I am part of participated in it. I think it was our best show, despite it being in a completely different space to the Albany where we first performed it. Yesterday was the lunch celebration, where all the young theatre companies who took part in the hourglass festival could socialise and talk about well, the future for young artists. Now I am not exaggerating when I say this but it was probably one of the best days of this year so far. I met so many incredibly cool people, all basically around the same age. (around 15-25) At first we all had lunch and each company had a colour post-it note and they had to go to a table with their colour post-it note on so that each table was filled with people from other companies. I was nervous at first but that couldn't have been more of a waste of time because everyone there was sociable, talkative, friendly. There was no time for awkwardness! After the delicious free lunch we played some games and one was where we had to find synonyms for certain words. We had "house" ,"money" and "friend." It was so entertaining listening to the different words that people came up with. Like for house one table said "where the wi-fi connects automatically" and stuff like that. It was such a laugh. After there was a conference where anyone could hold a discussion. Loads of people wrote down a topic to do with young people and theatre and then it was everyone else got to choose which discussion they would go to. The ones that I went to were "Ï think GCSE Drama should be scraped. What should or shouldn't replace it" - it was really interesting listening to some people's opinions on this. We thought that y'know drama is a subject, theatre is more practical and in some cases it isn't fair to be tested analytically for a subject that is creative and practical. We thought maybe oral examinations would be a better alternative in this subject in terms of explaining things.

The next discussion I went to was one called "Is it our place as young people to perform adult themes on stage?" - This one was my favourite. The general consensus was that yes it is our place when there is a level of understanding about what we are performing. Teenagers and adults may go through the same things but because of the age gap they are completely different experiences so we thought that it depends on whether the theme we choose to do comes with a degree of understanding and respect for it. We also talked about individualism, with regards to when young people should start knowing about adult things. Especially young children. One of the girls in this discussion gave us a great anecdote of a child who was disabled. He was trying to cut a piece of paper but mentally and physically couldn't do it and the other kids laughed at him. So the next day the teacher brought in socks and blind folds and made the children try and cut a piece of paper blind-folded with the socks over their hands. They couldn't do it and eventually got fed up and wanted to stop, but the teacher wouldn't let them and the lesson learnt was that it was exactly how the boy who was disabled felt. The point was that we should begin to make young children learn these adult-ish lessons as soon as possible. As we get older though it may be useful for us to teach each other because there is a sense of authority involved with teaching when an actual adult is involved and I think then there is pressure to get something right - to pass a test. So if we taught each other and learnt from each other there is less stress when something fails because we all fail together and it allows us to become more open-minded. So long-story-short, it was a fantastic, fun, amazing, wonderful day! I enjoyed it so much. Even though there were loads of people slightly older than me I felt respected and listened to. After going to this lunch celebration, I will never complain about not knowing what to talk about with someone because there is a lot to talk about with people. Just pick a topic and you can go anywhere with it. I've learnt that you just have to be confident and listen as well as talk.

Maybe a career in theatre is something I would like to look into. Being a young producer or something. Afterwards there was a show but I couldn't stay for it and I'm really upset that I couldn't. But yesterday will not be the last time I come to the BAC, definitely, definitely not. This post has been extremely long and I wanted to post a couple of pics so I'll make a part two. Whoever got to the end of it deserves a round of applause. Hahah. If you have the time I would seriously go and check out the BAC website!

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