Monday, 25 May 2015

I am the canvas (are you?)

As a break from revision, I took a look at GARAGE magazine that my sister had stored in her bedroom. Garage was formed in the Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture in 2007, in an abandoned Constructivist garage in Moscow. I was immediately drawn by the cover which I will get to later, and the abundance of art in several forms. The magazine seemed to scream art, fashion, culture, photography projects, "read me!!!" So I did.

I'm guessing this project is called INKED. It involved various artists; Damien Hirst, Raymond Pettibon, Jake and Dinos Chapman and many more. Willing canvases were key to the project: an art historian, a model, a super fan, a car salesman - who were all drawn to the project for personal reasons. The tattoo artists masterfully adapted the artist's designs to fit each body, adjusting colours for maximum effect, going where the tattoo needles fear to tread. "Is the art perishable, or permanent?"

Shauna Taylor, 23 got a tattoo placed on her vagina, designed by Damien Hirst.  Not much is said about why, but Taylor described herself as the "canvas" and I think she is simply saying she is the masterpiece. There is no actual meaning, she is providing the structure for this piece of art. I have no idea but it sure as hell is awesome, and I love her comment about how now no one else in this world will ever give birth through a Damien Hirst artwork.

Another interesting article I read was a story about how the photographer David Mushegain began a "hunt for a legendary artist from the psychedelic scene" - just from looking around in a vintage shop in LA and finding a purple tie-dye T-shirt. It was made by a Japanese artist called Mikio. Mikio grew up in Yonkers and in his youth was part of the Wild Style Crew - a graffiti crew of the 1970s. In his teens he started silk-screening and sold T-shirts with his best friend in New Jersey 1977. From then, his reputation as an artist grew. In the mid-1980s he was involved in a gallery exhibition at the Psychedelic Solution Gallery in SoHo.

Here are the rest of the photos I snapped from this beautiful magazine. Enjoy these!

pick it up if you ever get the chance.

~peace out guys and see you soon!~


  1. "No one else in this world will ever give birth through a Damien Hirst artwork" is the greatest thing I've ever read. I'm obsessed with the approach to marking the body as a form of expression and record as opposed to a statement, way to standout or whatever else alt white kids are trying to do. This zine is super great.

    1. I know right, I love it. Yeah it's awesome, it just had to be shared.

  2. I love the magazine! It's so different and like real compared to other magazines. I love the comment of Shauna about everyone else not being able to give birth through a Damien Hurst artwork which is insane and cool at the same time! I love it
    Jade x

    1. me too! I like the way it stands out, I mean I'm sure there's a magazine similar to Garage, but something about it doesn't fall into the mainstream category. It is pretty insane, I wish I had the courage to do something like that.


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