Thursday, 25 June 2015

I love when there are bricks on lanes

Yesterday was greeaaat I finally feel like summer is starting??? Yesterday I went to Bricklane with my sister and my friend Alicja. It was bound to happen at any point during this holiday and judging the never failing atmosphere of early vintage shoppers and the smell of vintage clothes (which I found out some people do not find as pleasing as me!) it's hard not to imagine spending miles more time (and money) there over the next two months I am off.

Alicja dyed her hair purple!!

we're almost never ready for photos

meet cleo my twin sister

I had an aim when coming to Bricklane. I had planned it all out before exams had even started. That aim was a denim button down skirt. At first my sister and I had browsed Beyond Retro online, picking out all the clothes and shoes we liked. So the first thing I wanted to do was zoom to that shop to see if they were in hold of a nice little denim number. They did have a nice collection of them, I tried on a midi which did not have buttons down the middle but had a nice pocket shape (which is very important to me ahah). However before that we went to ROKIT and I discovered a beautiful button down, much shorter than the one from Beyond Retro. I ended up choosing it over the longer one because of the buttons and the way it sort of hugged at the waist but nicely fitted across the hips. When I saw it I didn't buy it straight away of course because you know what happens: you spend all your money on the first shop you go to then you end up seeing bargains everywhere else! But I guess my clothes-hiding skills are getting better because I subtly put it back on it's rack and pushed it slightly to the back on its hanger so it wouldn't be seen as well. When I came back it was still there. I think it was meant to be!

I also went to Porcelain & Red and got the most amazing bargain on a real checkered skirt/kilt. It was the real deal and guess what...only £5! To be honest as soon as I found it I knew I would be coming back to buy it, it just seemed too good an opportunity to miss. What also made my short time there enjoyable was the fact that one of the owners of the shop brought their beautiful pug! It was just lying on the floor by the door in its beautiful bundle of cuteness!


We also browsed one of my ultimate favourite shops in Bricklane; the Vintage Basement. That shop will forever have a special place in my heart because for my sister and I's 14th birthday we got some money and my aim back then was to finally buy a nice, big denim jacket. So our older sisters took us to Bricklane and from then on I have always been in love. I had, at last, entered the world of "coolness" in my perspective. I got a beautiful denim Levi jacket on sale from 30 pounds or so to £14.90! Such a bargain. As a bonus, it wasn't just a normal plain jacket. It had a large yellow, gold and green pattern of an eagle on the back. Before that day, the me I knew would be too nervous to buy a jacket that loud and cool. I never thought I could actually own something so pretty and quirky. But now it sits in my wardrobe like it owns the place. So Vintage Basement, I thank you. I didn't end up buying anything but I just loved looking around. It was funny, we came quite early so it wasn't open at first, but as soon as we stepped out of Porcelain & Red, a man was just opening it up!

As well as taking multiple photographs (as teenage girls do) and going to other shops like BLITZ (where I tried on the most amazing vintage dress) we stopped off for frozen yogurt and a milkshake and fries. Muah! My time at Bricklane is always well spent and I cannot wait to go back!

~PEACE OUT guys and see you in the next post! xx~


  1. Man, this place looks and sounds so amazing! That many vintage stores in one area? It sounds like literal heaven. Ok I've been dreaming of getting a denim button down skirt for yonks now, but I've never seen the perfect one, ya know? BUT yours is the actual skirt of my dreams, I love it so much, and the kilt too!! I also love you, your sister, and your friend's style alot! Your pictures are gorge. Have a good summer Zoe! x

    1. I know right, go there if u ever get the chance!! it was such a good find! And thank you so much, you too! Xxx

  2. Ahh I just discovered your blog and I'm now like binge reading it haha. I love this post, it makes me want to go back to Brick Lane soo badly, I've only been once but I bought dungarees there so it holds a special place in my heart x

    1. haha wow thank you! I knooow, Bricklane is the best xxx


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