Sunday, 26 July 2015


I'd seen Lee Price's paintings all over Tumblr and usually I'd just admire them as I'd admire any art but when I finally found out her name I just had to do some research. She is an American realist painter and for 20 years has been painting to portray the relationship women have with food. I read an interview that she had with The Daily Beast and The Other Journal where in both interviews she went into detail about the meaning behind the collection of paintings. Price herself said "I’m painting about compulsive activity. I’m painting about, specifically, compulsive or emotional eating."

The first painting of the series is called "Full" which featured her lying in the middle of an antique table-cloth with food spread about her. After this she started to further explore the interpretation of compulsive activity. Price did have a history of eating disorders which she then mildly related all her paintings to. Sometimes, people interpret her pieces as portraying shame, as well as joy, however Price said that the word "Shame" to describe the series makes her uncomfortable, she said herself that "I would describe it as compulsive, as secretive. But I feel like it’s a person trying to soothe themselves. It’s like trying to nurse yourself but not doing it in a way that is actually helpful. Again, I’m not sure why shaming—I think maybe the use of the word: when women do it, it’s shameful, but when men do it, it’s compulsive." I can relate to this myself. I often turn to food without thinking when things go out of balance. Part of me tells me not to but the other half just wants things to feel better, and food does that. Obviously then there is a twinge of regret and shame which just reverts the whole cycle back to the feeling of abstinence. Price also said that she believes that compulsive behaviour is more misguided than it is shameful—you’re doing something to try to make yourself feel better and, in the end, you’re harming yourself. It’s sad. It’s human nature. Personally, I am blown away by the beauty of these paintings and how strangely I can connect with them.

"Hot Chocolate"

"Ice Cream II"

"Jelly Doughnuts"


"Self Portrait in Tub with Chinese Food"

"Self Portrait in Tub with Ice Cream Cone"

"Sleeping with Peaches"

 Find her website with more of her paintings and bibliographies etc here

Saturday, 18 July 2015

a pink house on a cobble street road

Today I visited the Serpentine Gallery! They currently had on an exhibition of Lynette Yiadom-Boakye's work which was amazing. It was described that the heart of her work is an exploration of the traditions of painting through a focus on technique, structure, composition and colour palette which she uses as a device to think about the nature of representation. All of the paintings were of black people which I liked. You could really see the emphasised brush strokes and the way she painted the folds on the clothes that the people were wearing. For me, some of the paintings gave off a kind of dark, solemn atmosphere but then some were playful and happy. I always love going up town because the buildings are beautiful and the gallery was actually bang-smack in the middle of Kensington Park which is a wonderful stretch of land with fountains and flowers. We also went inside the Serpentine pavilion which is absolutely gorgeous. Spanish architects selgascano designed the Pavilion and it is said that it presents an inspirational temporary structure. It is an amorphous, double-skinned, polygonal structure consisting of panels of a translucent, multi-coloured fluorine-based polymer (ETFE) woven through and wrapped like a webbing. Amazing!!!



How cool is the outside layer???!!

When we got there we were really hungry so we thought "hey lets go get something to eat." At first we couldn't decide whether we wanted to go to a café like Pret A Manger or just go the easy way out and get McDonald's. Because we were in a massive park, walking from here to there took very long and when we got out of the park, it was just buildings and roads. We started to walk down to where it looked like there were loads of shops, but there were only expensive restaurants or just non-food shops and all of a sudden our hunt for a food shop turned into a tour around the country searching for something cheap but decent to eat and we walked for so, so long. The weather was lovely but when you're walking around for 40+ minutes just to find something to eat, the sun can be a bit too much. Eventually we came to a Pret A Manger but by then I was dying on the inside and thought that the only thing that would make me feel better right now was a burger and chips. So...the hunt for a McDonald's started. We literally couldn't find one. We searched up and down streets, walking back and forth and back and forth and after what felt like an eternity Cleo came up with an idea that to be honest we should have thought of ages ago: To whip out our phones and type in where the nearest McDonald's is where we were. Genius!!! And we were right by the V&A museum and it just so happened there was a McDonald's like 10 minutes away. We practically speed walked and minutes later I saw the yellow 'M' peeking out behind another shop and I felt my brain like, melt. We got there and I inhaled the smell of fast food as if I had just entered the gates of heaven. We ordered our food and ate and let me tell you: I was a changed person. I know it's not the best thing to eat but boy was I happy and most importantly, full, afterwards. I felt energised and ready for anything and we walked back up to the Serpentine gallery whilst stopping to take photos against this really cute cobble-street area with a pink house (or maybe apartments)

My outfit of the day: Jean jacket from the Vintage Basement, red shirt from ROKIT, thrifted brown skirt and shoes which you can't see were from Primark!

So that is the story about how we walked half-way across the globe just to have McDonald's. I said I wouldn't go into it but once I start I can't stop. I hope you enjoyed that hahahah. If you're ever in London, I'd recommend coming to the Serpentine. Beautiful gallery and nice park too. Just remember to either 1: Pack a lunch to take with you, or 2: Decide where you're going to eat and Google directions first.


Thursday, 16 July 2015

welcome to Camden Town and other places

While I'm typing this I'm listening to 'Draw' by Cid Rim, just thought I'd say. It's a pretty sick tune, really rave-like. I don't listen to this type of music on the regular but lets just say if it came on on the radio I would blast it. So, what have I been doing the past 2 days? Well, I visited Camden market (ish) with my friends on Tuesday. I say 'ish' because we basically just went to all the shop shops and walked half-way into the  market space and got bored. Not that the market is terrible or anything, we were just not feeling the clothes. The food and non-clothes market was pretty cool, I guess that is part of the whole 'Camden town market' but I just liked it's atmosphere better than the one where there were just racks and racks of t-shirts (which looked kinda touristy yknow?) Anyways there is a lot in Camden town, not just vintage shops. There were piercing and tattoo shops and gift shops but also high street shops like American Apparel (where I could afford NOTHING) and Urban Outfitters. We went into ROKIT and they were doing a vintage 7 pound and under sale! Now that's my kinda shopping. I bought some jeans for 4 quid and a red checkered shirt also for 4 pounds. From this really nice Indian shop that sold cushion cases, embroidered umbrellas, incense sticks, bracelets and rings, jeanie pants etc, I bought a beautiful journal with a fabric and sequined cover with hand made paper! I am so happy with it and I'm thinking of making it my 'feel good' journal were I write positive and motivational stuff and draw cute things! I'm excited to start it and I can't wait to post photos. I also bought some purple jeanie pants. I have no photos of me wearing anything I bought unfortunately, but take my word for it that it all looks good hahah. 

The food market. So much to choose from, so delicious!
cleo, oyinda and I all had EASTPAK rucksacks so we thought might as well. Cleo - orange, Oyinda - yellow and me purple.

the shirt and jeans which totalled to just 8 pounds!


Cleo ruining my photo of Camden Town tube station sign

On the same day, I met up with some other friends in the massive park right by our school and we stayed out there until like 12 doing things which we probably shouldn't have been doing for legal reasons but it was a lot of fun and I felt rebellious and it was spontaneous and exciting! We met up again the next night but with a larger group of people but I left early. It was nice meeting a whole group of new people and even though I had heard stories about nearly all of them, everyone turned out to be super friendly. I left early because I don't know about you but I don't particularly like being the only sober one around a group of tipsy-going-on-drunk teenagers. Everyone had fun though, I suspect. Hopefully there will be more times like this! Maybe my summer is starting to look up again. I'm going to NCS - The Challenge on Monday which should be really good. I don't know if you've heard about it before, I think it's just UK based. But it's a course for 16 and 17 year olds where we do cool stuff. As you can see (or read) I'm not really bothered to explain it haha, but here is the website! Though I do think it might be a bit late to sign up? I'm not sure. But anyways, this was a very all over the place post! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!! xxx

Sunday, 12 July 2015

summer blues

so I made a playlist about the summer I'm having on 8tracks. I don't want to sound like a big old whiner because all you have to do is look at my previous posts to know that some elements of my summer have been positive and fun. But after nearly a month of being off I have realised that I haven't done half the things I have wanted to do. Half the parties I wanted to go to. It sounds pretty lame but watching endless snapchats of your friends going from party to party or just simply hanging out in the park or something - without you - is like a small weight and it's bringing me down. I mean to be fair, only one of the parties were one I'd never be invited to anyway because I didn't know the people who's party it was but hmm, recently I just feel  as if I'm watching everyone else live the summer I intended to have. Boring that you have to listen to me moan on and on but I just feel like I could be doing so much more but my friends are always busy. And I've also realised that the more I don't go out or do something frequently, the more my dad is always suggesting things to do - which are (sorry dad) never good suggestions. It's always "why dont you go and see your grandma and help tidy up" or "do some gardening" - which by the way just means picking up squashed, rotten apples and cutting up weeds that have reclaimed the bikes and chairs we have left in our garden. And I see my grandma every friday and have been for the past year and a half so excuse me if it's a little draining and I just want to relax at home...where there's wifi (no offence grandma.) I sound like a terrible person right but ugh this summer I kinda wanted to get away from the whole family scene and just hang out with friends yknow? I wanted this summer to be all spontaneous and fun but instead I feel like the fun-ness of this summer has been coming out in glops, like trying to get paint out of a half-dried bottle. Hopefully all of the paint will come out at once?? Possibly re-kickstart the fun in this summer?? I don't know.

Anywaaaaaays enough of my pathetic complaining. I made this playlist with a lot of inspiration from Claire -'s 8tracks playlist that she just put on her blog as songs she has been listening to recently. Here is her playlist. The songs were amazing and I actually couldn't stop listening to them.
My playlist is called 'summer blues' for lame and obvious reasons - but it's part 1 because it's the songs that describe the summer I am currently having. Part 2 will be songs that describe the summer I intended to have. I'll post that later. For now, enjoy these songs that will hopefully give you a more detailed insight into the way I feel right now. If not then just enjoy it because the songs are quite lovely! Listen to it here xx

Thursday, 9 July 2015

melting like an ice cream when you smile

You know when people lie about a song being on repeat? How they only listened to it like 3 times and then went about their day? Well, believe me when I say this entire album as been on repeat since Tuesday. Like twice, 4 times a day. It's addictive! The artist's name is Kali Uchis, she is a solo singer, a goddess and her songs give me the feels. She gives off that chill, slow Lana Del Rey vibe combined with the voice of Amy Winehouse. Her album 'Por Vida' that actually only came out this year is an album which I can honestly say has no flaws what so ever. My favourites are 'Call Me', 'Melting', 'Ridin' Round', 'Speed', 'Loner', 'Know What I Want', 'Rush' - which basically sums up the whole album oops. I insist you check it out! If you're into that chill, reggae, happy, late 60s mid 70s, nostalgic feeling then this is the artist for you. She hasn't posted music videos for all her songs, only Rush and Know What I Want from this album. Two other favourites that aren't in this album are Table For Two and What They Say, which both have pretty videos!

beautiful song and isn't she a beauty??!

 She gives off a very vintage, carefree look. Her songs are romantic and happy and fierce and have you swaying your shoulders. You can listen to it anywhere. I screen- shotted a lot of photos from her 2 videos alone!

Very nice colours in this part of the video, kinda sad and tired but really pretty. I love her hair.

I couldn't find this guys name.


I really liked the pink smoke and those boots.

I like the kinda late 60s and 70s vibe in this video. And the rainbow crop tops with mini shorts are perfection!

Go and check out her stuff, you won't be disappointed. (if you are who even are you) You can find her on Youtube, she isn't on Spotify. Check her out on insta too (if you're prepared to sit for an hour flicking through her flawless photos) Kali Uchis everyone xx