Saturday, 18 July 2015

a pink house on a cobble street road

Today I visited the Serpentine Gallery! They currently had on an exhibition of Lynette Yiadom-Boakye's work which was amazing. It was described that the heart of her work is an exploration of the traditions of painting through a focus on technique, structure, composition and colour palette which she uses as a device to think about the nature of representation. All of the paintings were of black people which I liked. You could really see the emphasised brush strokes and the way she painted the folds on the clothes that the people were wearing. For me, some of the paintings gave off a kind of dark, solemn atmosphere but then some were playful and happy. I always love going up town because the buildings are beautiful and the gallery was actually bang-smack in the middle of Kensington Park which is a wonderful stretch of land with fountains and flowers. We also went inside the Serpentine pavilion which is absolutely gorgeous. Spanish architects selgascano designed the Pavilion and it is said that it presents an inspirational temporary structure. It is an amorphous, double-skinned, polygonal structure consisting of panels of a translucent, multi-coloured fluorine-based polymer (ETFE) woven through and wrapped like a webbing. Amazing!!!



How cool is the outside layer???!!

When we got there we were really hungry so we thought "hey lets go get something to eat." At first we couldn't decide whether we wanted to go to a café like Pret A Manger or just go the easy way out and get McDonald's. Because we were in a massive park, walking from here to there took very long and when we got out of the park, it was just buildings and roads. We started to walk down to where it looked like there were loads of shops, but there were only expensive restaurants or just non-food shops and all of a sudden our hunt for a food shop turned into a tour around the country searching for something cheap but decent to eat and we walked for so, so long. The weather was lovely but when you're walking around for 40+ minutes just to find something to eat, the sun can be a bit too much. Eventually we came to a Pret A Manger but by then I was dying on the inside and thought that the only thing that would make me feel better right now was a burger and chips. So...the hunt for a McDonald's started. We literally couldn't find one. We searched up and down streets, walking back and forth and back and forth and after what felt like an eternity Cleo came up with an idea that to be honest we should have thought of ages ago: To whip out our phones and type in where the nearest McDonald's is where we were. Genius!!! And we were right by the V&A museum and it just so happened there was a McDonald's like 10 minutes away. We practically speed walked and minutes later I saw the yellow 'M' peeking out behind another shop and I felt my brain like, melt. We got there and I inhaled the smell of fast food as if I had just entered the gates of heaven. We ordered our food and ate and let me tell you: I was a changed person. I know it's not the best thing to eat but boy was I happy and most importantly, full, afterwards. I felt energised and ready for anything and we walked back up to the Serpentine gallery whilst stopping to take photos against this really cute cobble-street area with a pink house (or maybe apartments)

My outfit of the day: Jean jacket from the Vintage Basement, red shirt from ROKIT, thrifted brown skirt and shoes which you can't see were from Primark!

So that is the story about how we walked half-way across the globe just to have McDonald's. I said I wouldn't go into it but once I start I can't stop. I hope you enjoyed that hahahah. If you're ever in London, I'd recommend coming to the Serpentine. Beautiful gallery and nice park too. Just remember to either 1: Pack a lunch to take with you, or 2: Decide where you're going to eat and Google directions first.



  1. I absolutely love the paintings! Such a great day out :)
    Jade x

    1. thank you, me too!! yeah it was fun apart from the endless walking ahah x

  2. I love love the pictures in this! The ones right in the middle are so crazy and colourful, and I love your outfit. Denim jackets are bae.

  3. Thank you lovely! yes, the pavillion is beautiful and agreed w/ the jean jackets <333


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