Thursday, 9 July 2015

melting like an ice cream when you smile

You know when people lie about a song being on repeat? How they only listened to it like 3 times and then went about their day? Well, believe me when I say this entire album as been on repeat since Tuesday. Like twice, 4 times a day. It's addictive! The artist's name is Kali Uchis, she is a solo singer, a goddess and her songs give me the feels. She gives off that chill, slow Lana Del Rey vibe combined with the voice of Amy Winehouse. Her album 'Por Vida' that actually only came out this year is an album which I can honestly say has no flaws what so ever. My favourites are 'Call Me', 'Melting', 'Ridin' Round', 'Speed', 'Loner', 'Know What I Want', 'Rush' - which basically sums up the whole album oops. I insist you check it out! If you're into that chill, reggae, happy, late 60s mid 70s, nostalgic feeling then this is the artist for you. She hasn't posted music videos for all her songs, only Rush and Know What I Want from this album. Two other favourites that aren't in this album are Table For Two and What They Say, which both have pretty videos!

beautiful song and isn't she a beauty??!

 She gives off a very vintage, carefree look. Her songs are romantic and happy and fierce and have you swaying your shoulders. You can listen to it anywhere. I screen- shotted a lot of photos from her 2 videos alone!

Very nice colours in this part of the video, kinda sad and tired but really pretty. I love her hair.

I couldn't find this guys name.


I really liked the pink smoke and those boots.

I like the kinda late 60s and 70s vibe in this video. And the rainbow crop tops with mini shorts are perfection!

Go and check out her stuff, you won't be disappointed. (if you are who even are you) You can find her on Youtube, she isn't on Spotify. Check her out on insta too (if you're prepared to sit for an hour flicking through her flawless photos) Kali Uchis everyone xx


  1. oooooh I've never heard of her but these screencaps are so aesthetically pleasing. I'm gonna youtube her now!


    1. I know right! Let me know what u think of her! X

  2. those screenshots are killer! I get Virgin Suicides vibes <3


  3. I totally see what you mean! I could watch her videos for hours tbh x

  4. I'm currently listening to her album as I type this and you described her and her music perfectly! I honestly like her music a lot, and I can't wait to listen the heck out of her + these screenshots are so beautiful, the pink hue and vintage feel in both videos are truly, as Aida said, aesthetically pleasing.

    1. yay! I'm glad you like her, when my friend introduced me to her, I felt like she was v. underrated! agreed ahah xx

  5. I saw this and wondered what she sounded like! I am always finding a new artists and she is exactly what I need right now. Her voice is a perfect "summer" voice.


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