Thursday, 16 July 2015

welcome to Camden Town and other places

While I'm typing this I'm listening to 'Draw' by Cid Rim, just thought I'd say. It's a pretty sick tune, really rave-like. I don't listen to this type of music on the regular but lets just say if it came on on the radio I would blast it. So, what have I been doing the past 2 days? Well, I visited Camden market (ish) with my friends on Tuesday. I say 'ish' because we basically just went to all the shop shops and walked half-way into the  market space and got bored. Not that the market is terrible or anything, we were just not feeling the clothes. The food and non-clothes market was pretty cool, I guess that is part of the whole 'Camden town market' but I just liked it's atmosphere better than the one where there were just racks and racks of t-shirts (which looked kinda touristy yknow?) Anyways there is a lot in Camden town, not just vintage shops. There were piercing and tattoo shops and gift shops but also high street shops like American Apparel (where I could afford NOTHING) and Urban Outfitters. We went into ROKIT and they were doing a vintage 7 pound and under sale! Now that's my kinda shopping. I bought some jeans for 4 quid and a red checkered shirt also for 4 pounds. From this really nice Indian shop that sold cushion cases, embroidered umbrellas, incense sticks, bracelets and rings, jeanie pants etc, I bought a beautiful journal with a fabric and sequined cover with hand made paper! I am so happy with it and I'm thinking of making it my 'feel good' journal were I write positive and motivational stuff and draw cute things! I'm excited to start it and I can't wait to post photos. I also bought some purple jeanie pants. I have no photos of me wearing anything I bought unfortunately, but take my word for it that it all looks good hahah. 

The food market. So much to choose from, so delicious!
cleo, oyinda and I all had EASTPAK rucksacks so we thought might as well. Cleo - orange, Oyinda - yellow and me purple.

the shirt and jeans which totalled to just 8 pounds!


Cleo ruining my photo of Camden Town tube station sign

On the same day, I met up with some other friends in the massive park right by our school and we stayed out there until like 12 doing things which we probably shouldn't have been doing for legal reasons but it was a lot of fun and I felt rebellious and it was spontaneous and exciting! We met up again the next night but with a larger group of people but I left early. It was nice meeting a whole group of new people and even though I had heard stories about nearly all of them, everyone turned out to be super friendly. I left early because I don't know about you but I don't particularly like being the only sober one around a group of tipsy-going-on-drunk teenagers. Everyone had fun though, I suspect. Hopefully there will be more times like this! Maybe my summer is starting to look up again. I'm going to NCS - The Challenge on Monday which should be really good. I don't know if you've heard about it before, I think it's just UK based. But it's a course for 16 and 17 year olds where we do cool stuff. As you can see (or read) I'm not really bothered to explain it haha, but here is the website! Though I do think it might be a bit late to sign up? I'm not sure. But anyways, this was a very all over the place post! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!! xxx


  1. love love love! especially the stores!
    Jade xx

  2. uber cool. i wish a lived in a bigger city/cool place that i could actually hang out in...

    1. yeah, its pretty cool kinda having things only a train ride away x


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