Friday, 3 July 2015

Who knew dictionaries could be so. . .um, interesting!

Guess what I did? To keep myself from dying of both boredom and heat, I decieded to open up a dictionary! Yes, a dictionary. What could be better than new words? I flipped through the pages, gathering about 10-12 words I did not know but sounded interesting. With those words I would come up with a short piece of writing about anything. Stupid, profound, cute, romantic. This is the first one I did and I'm not entirely sure what category it falls into. It's not even a good piece of writing, in my opinion. The long words I have chosen are what makes it interesting and readable. I tried to gather nouns, verbs and adjectives and pulled this out of the bag. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever and considering these are words I just happened to like in the dictionary, I may not have even used them the right way! But it was fun and I haven't just gotten a shitty(ish) piece of writing out of it, I've also learned a ton of new words. It's quite fun for someone who enjoys writing. So, here you go. Random is my middle name.

Can you guess which words are the ones I looked up?


thanks for your comment, they never fail to make me smile + i appreciate them so much!