Saturday, 15 August 2015

feeling thrifty thrifty

I went to the East End Thrift Store for one of their legendary 1 pound sales! It was the first time I had gone on a Saturday and it was busy as hell. There was a massive queue so they could only let in a group of people at a time. It was well worth the wait though because it was one of those thrifting days where I've gotten some real good bargains. I only had one thing on my mind: Skirts. Skirts skirts skirts. I have a lot of skirts at home already, but you can never have too many skirts right? (OK, I've said skirts way too many times haven't I? *cringe!!*) But anyway, my skirt (cringe) hunt was a success. I bought a black velvet midi with two small slits at the side. Observe:

Also a pale brown-y wool one with a cute pattern at the bottom. It is slightly big if I want to wear it high-waisted, but it fits around my hips. It makes up for the burgundy one that I bought at the thrift store a while back because that one, although the same material and shape, was way too big and I tried to fix it up but just ended up ruining it. So I'm glad I've got a replacement, even though they aren't identical. I also bought another skirt with a beautiful gold-y pattern on it.

nothing that a good 'ol iron can't fix!

Then I thrifted this large dirty beige shirt thing. I have no idea what to call it but that's the best way I can describe it. I think this would look really nice unbuttoned with a crop top and some jeans, or a casual outfit with a cute dress or something. I'll find use for it somehow! Then last but not least I bought a dirty dark green jumper. I actually haven't tried it on yet but I like the zip at the front and the waist band at the bottom. It actually reminds me of the shape of another jumper I thrifted too.
Overall it was a fab day - going thrift shopping always is and if it isn't then you're probably doing something wrong. I saw my two friends that I met on NCS and I got an invite to go Shoreditch with them after the sale but I kinda just wanted to go home, it was hot and I couldn't wait to try on my new purchases. It would have been fun and now that I reflect on it, I'm kicking myself for turning down going to one of my favourite places spontaneously with friends. *sigh* there'll be other times though! The other pictures are from the journey there and also this cinema we stumbled upon. We didn't go to see anything - I just really needed to pee! But it had an old-fashioned theme and I loved it. They're having a poetry slam competition in September and I'm going to go and watch!


when the queue started to move. It was way longer than this at the beginning!

me being happy and annoying

a slip of cleo


ended the day with a tesco meal deal on a patch of grass

In a previous post where I complained about how shitty my holiday was, I gave a short analogy about how the fun-ness of my summer was lacking. I said that the fun was oozing out very slowly, like trying to squeeze paint out of a nearly-dried bottle. Well now, the paint is coming out nice and smooth and at a regular pace, but it just saddens me because the paint is almost finished. The summer is coming to an end and I already feel drained but in the best way possible - so much has happened, it's crazy. I've written a lot here, thanks to anyone who could keep up and get to the end hahaha. Anyways, enjoy the last few weeks of your holiday lovelies! xx


  1. Those photos are so nice, and you are adorable :) it's been so long since I've been thrifting :p


    1. Ah thank you lovely! :) ugh thrifting is the beeest but tbh it's nice when it's an occasional thing yknow? <3

  2. Great photos and great finds! I love the gold pattern skirt. I still have never been to the East End Thrift Store! Need to find the time
    Nice post :)

    This Kid Is Alright

    1. Thanks lil' hun! Yes find the time!!! X

  3. They do £1 sales, that's amazing! I'm definitely going o have to check it out when they have another one on. I love your photos!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Ikr, I'm acc so glad they do like these ppl know what's going down! And thank you so much! <3

  4. I really like the green jumper (?) you bought. I think it's a jumper :P
    Lovely photo's girl!
    Jade xo


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