Wednesday, 12 August 2015

i don't know what to call this

I will probably do a spam of posts because I haven't posted in a while. Sorry about that lovelies! It's mostly because I have genuinely felt uninspired lately. It's stressful trying to run a blog and keeping it, well, entertaining. I have so many ideas but when it comes to sitting at the computer screen, clicking "New post" and staring at the empty space, my mind goes blank! Music, clothes, art galleries, films, my's difficult to condense all of the stuff I am passionate about on to one page in regular patterns. So I usually just avoid it until something spectacular happens. So, just to update you on random things happening in my life at the moment:

~  I ordered 2 jumpers from Beyond Retro because they were having an under 10 pound garage sale, so I thought why not!

~ Last Saturday night, to basically celebrate my friends birthday, a bunch of us went to her house and listened to music, chilled and made brownies** - it was a weird but incredibly fun night

~ I have recently discovered a bunch of new music and feel as if I have found Jesus

This is all I can think of at the moment. The pictures below are from yesterday when me and my sister went round to our friend Mali's house for lunch. It was such a fun day; we ate wedges, drank lemonade and a green smoothie. Mali's house is house goals, it's like stepping into a neat, arty, organic jungle! Also Mali has a blog!!! You can find it here. It's good to catch up with friends - I think I have been okay with keeping up with communications lately. There are some friends who I wish I could have seen more of but overall it's been good. Everything has just escalated! Now it's results day next week and I'm feeling more or less prepared. I hope everyone is having a good holiday even though it's coming up to the end. *cries*

**the brownies had a special ingredient in them shhhh


  1. I know how you feel about the music: sometimes it's like a whole new world has opened up to me :)


  2. i love all these colors in the photos! what new tunes? would love to hear! :*


    1. Thank you! And I will make a blog post about it today :) xx

  3. thank you for the beyond retro announcement, I am currently bargain-hunting. your friend has a really cool house and I like the sound of those brownies x

    1. yay! although I do think that the garage sale was only for the weekend? But I'm not sure. And the brownies were genuinely delicious but the consequences of the special ingredient were weird as hell! x


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