Sunday, 2 August 2015

no more summer blues

So this playlist is really meant to go into my previous post but when I was writing the post yesterday I freaked out because I hadn't actually made the playlist yet and I didn't know what songs I wanted in it. I'm lucky I postponed that (did you hear the pun omg!!!) because yesterday night I stayed up listening to even more of Kali Uchis's songs. They weren't from her album Por Vida, they were from her album prior to that. I haven't heard every single song on there, just a few. It's a bit different to Por Vida; the songs I've heard go from having the late night laze vibe to the sunny, reggae vibe. "Pay Day", "TYWIG", and "You Just Wanna Stay" are the songs I am in love with so far. Another gorgeous song by Kali is "Honey Baby" and on Youtube, the picture says "Por Vida" at the top but it's not in the album so I'm a bit confused about that. Nevertheless, I would recommend listening to that song loud. Its so slow, romantic and has a catchy beat. Listen to it! I've also been listening to a couple of songs by this girl called Kilo Kish (A lot of Kalis and Kilos hahaha) and her songs are quite good as well. I like her sound and aesthetic. My favourite songs by her so far are "Locket", "Curious" and "On The Way." So yeah, I've condensed the summer I'm currently having into 8 songs and put it in a playlist.  You can listen to this bad boy here. ~ Enjoy! xx ~

showing more love for Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis - Drunken Babble album

Kilo Kish - Across EP

Kilo Kish is a beautiful human being!


  1. Ah now I'm going to go listen to her!

    1. hahaha hope you enjoy, I prefer Kali to Kilo :) x

  2. Kali and kilo are both such babes <3



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