Sunday, 27 September 2015

Do I even deserve a clever post title?

*awkwardly slips back into the flow of blogging as if I've been here all this time and not been ghosting for exactly a month*

HELLO WORLD. (she says guiltily)
I have finally landed back in the blogging sphere and I am feeling good! Catching up on a whole months worth of blogging has been tricky, but so is school unfortunately (and it's only the beggining. A-levels, you suck!!) anyways I have been so incredibly busy. I have spent this whole enitre month WITHOUT a Saturday to sleep in. Can. You. Imagine. I have spent the whole of September waking up at 6AM, 6 days a week. Let me humble myself, I imagine that people may have had to do this for more than just a month. I really admire you people!

It's difficult trying to get everything in order whilst being thrown back into the monstrous routine of school. The homework, the essays (I have two to do today....) We've been chucked into the deep end and life has left us to tred water and find our way back to the more shallow, breathable ends. It really is a challenge fitting it all in whilst trying to relax and do things I actually enjoy!

I am extremely excited to say that I have contributed, for the first time, a few things to PLASMA DOLPHIN's 7th Issue: The Moment Before! I am already half way through the issue and I am loving it. It just makes me feel so insipired, so creative and just happy that I am existing with the wonderful people who made Plasma Dolphin (man, I don't know how you do it!!!) and the others who contributed it to it. The whole ambiance of Plasma Dolphin just makes me thankful that internet spaces like it actually exist. That the universe has allowed it to happen. It's so cool and I'm immensely looking forward to finishing the whole issue. Check it out people!

I hereby promise to start blogging reguarly. I am hopefully going to some really cool and blog-post-worthy events soon so you'll definitely here about those. I am also going to try out some cool photography projects if I have time. 

~PEACE OUT guys and see you in the next post! (which won't be in exactly a months time...) For now, enjoy my autumn-related collage!!!~


  1. Hey Zoe! Love the moodboard and I loved reading your piece for Plasma Dolphin. I loved when you wrote about how party/sleepover hybrids are the opposite of meditation but can have that same cathartic effect:

    'In parties like this we can literally forget about all of the worries that had been burdening us on the journey there. It’s the complete opposite of meditating or taking a nap, but has the same principal: forgetting the bad, hurtful, stressful, awkward or embarrassing things and concentrating on the simplicity of the ‘now.’ '

    Brilliant and so true


    This Kid Is Alright

    1. Thank you so much Aida I can feel myself blushing, like a lot. Much love <3333


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