Saturday, 3 October 2015

feminine energy in October and lyrical journaling

It's only the beginning, but there's something so comforting about the month of October. It reminds me of thick woollen jumpers and chilly crisp mornings. It's so secretly festive and starts off with days of breezy sunshine and ends with a balance of sharp winds and still air. It's just so beautiful. The yellowy leaves and the sometimes overcast days. You gotta love October.

I went to South Bank with a couple of mates yesterday evening. It was one of those outings which were decided on the day. It was Friday afternoon, we were sat in sociology, restless and tired and I was fed up of the division of friendship that college has created. I barely see the friends I used to and so, glancing at my friend in the row in front of me I blurted "hey, do you wanna hang out today?" I'm not really a spontaneous planner, so I surprised myself. Usually as soon as the school day ends my headphones pop in and I make my way home without a backwards glance. However that charming afternoon was soaked with bright blue skies, a calming breeze and yellow sunshine, so I thought why not? I left school feeling rebellious and happy and although lectured by my grandma about how its "dangerous" to go uptown (you know how grandmas are) we went anyway. The journey was long but we spent it ranting about the universe and being those typical teenagers who laugh too loudly on the top deck of the bus. We walked along the bank, chatted and took photos and for once I felt happy. The weeks before had been so stressful and it was all a constant jumble of homework and trying to make new friends etc etc. I hadn't seen my friends Suu-ki and Alicja in a long time so it was nice to have some fresh feminine energy around.

These are some pages from this little journal book I bought at the beginning of summer. The last few pages are made up of song lyrics from 3 songs that summed up my day.

first page. It got soaked in my bag in the rain! But it looks really pretty, so I'm happy lol

two very opposing entries

 I've also, thanks to a random playlist recommended to me on 8tracks, discovered some beautiful new tunes. I have made a tiny playlist on 8tracks which you can check out here.

Anyone feeling spooky yet? I certainly am - hey, tell me about your Halloween plans!! enjoy these pointless selfies. Or ignore. Whichever! ~ PEACE OUT lovelies ~


  1. ahh looks so fun and fall is Obviously The Best! really dig the mix too. happy spoopy october!


  2. I love the way you write! It has a nice rhythm. Love the photos too. Were they taken on a disposable?


    This Kid Is Alright

    1. Wow thank you so much Aida!!! And they weren't, they were just taken on my regular digital camera :) xx

  3. Lovely photos and lovely writing :)

    xx Alyssa


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