Saturday, 28 November 2015

That ol' lonesome feelin' all the time

Three songs I have been listening to recently:

  1. Just Out Of Reach - Patsy Cline
  2. Shoot The Heart - Apollo Brown
  3. After Thoughts - Oddisee

These songs all make me feel a certain way that I can't explain. Pasty Cline's "Just Out Of Reach" reminds me of the music that my grandad plays when he's down from St Lucia. That soft, romantic, old country music. Well to be honest I don't know if it was romantic or not; I focused more on the melodies rather than the lyrics. But anyways, I was just playing it and my Dad said it reminded him of the music that my grandma used to play before working night shifts on a Sunday. I don't know why that made me happy - I guess I could just picture it in my head nicely. Whenever I listen to it I get filled with this strong, mellow, nostalgic feeling, and I vow to play music from before my time to my children in the future. I mean when are you going to get anymore timeless music?  The other two just have me effortlessly swaying my shoulders and getting in the zone.

November has been approximately 4 seconds long. How has December just crept up on us? I mean the Christmas-y vibe has been building up but now it's actually here. The end of the year has come. When I think back to the early months of 2015 I feel like I'm thinking back to a secret life I had in a parallel universe. How do you describe a present that's also the past because it's coming to an end?

Anyways here's a bunch of photos that sum up the lowkey special month of November. The penultimate month of the year! May we descend into the glorious month of December with wisdom, grace and ugly Christmas jumpers (which are obviously so not ugly.)

(All photos from

Hey look 'tis me doing nothing with my life on a Friday night! 

I'm a sleepy human being and am very tired! ~PEACE OUT~ peeps, never stop doin' you...

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Rewind // (back to the 90s)

I went to one of Youth Panel's yearly events at the Horniman Museum and the theme was a 90s throwback. There was a line up of local bands, an acoustic room, a chill out room, a free photo booth and a disco lift where they played  songs from the nineties and had 5 people wear Spice Girls masks. (I basically get to say that I've partied with the Spice Girls now...)

I really, really enjoyed it and thinking back to my previous post about youth culture - what if this is our youth culture you know? Events like these where we all get together and sort of blend and function as a group - even though we don't know each other. Listening and dancing to music, partying in a lift. There was such a cool sense of 'being' and 'belonging' in the atmosphere and it was one of those events that leave you smiling like an idiot on your way home. People were encouraged to dress in the 90s style which I loved, so I dredged up this extremely purple explosion of an outfit:

shamless bathroom selfie with quirky background

Rokit jeans, a chunky purple belt I liberated from my sister's closet, a thrifted shirt  that I tied up and some boots! (which you can't see unfortunately.) I felt like a cool side-kick in a typical 90s teen movie.

This band is called the "Nova Twins" and they are amazing! They're so different and quirky and their outfits were flawless. They describe their sound as urban punk. I love their raw, dirty, slightly dubstep-y sound and cannot wait for them to get bigger and more popular. The girl on the left used to go to my school, how cool is that????!!! Here's a link to their website. - check it out!

Here's a couple more photos that sum up the night! Be prepared for an identical post in exactly a years time because I will definitely be going to the next one.
~PEACE OUT lovelies~

me: "try to look excited guys!!"

chilling in the acoustic room where Jade Bird was performing.

 Jade Bird is a singer songwriter and her music and voice literally put me in a trance - she was that fantastic. Her links! Check it out.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

where's da youth culture?¿ + other stuff

" Youth culture is the way adolescents live, and the norms, values, and practices they share. Culture is the shared symbolic systems, and processes of maintaining and transforming those systems. Youth culture differs from the culture of older generations. "  - Google.

So that's the google definition of youth culture. I can understand what it is but it sucks that I can't actually apply it to reality. Yes, I look around when I go out and I can distinguish between the youngsters and the oldies - but there is no sense of youth culture. What's everyone doing these days??? ...what am I doing these days??? I can listen to the cool jams and shop in the same shops as others, but when it comes to creating a group identity of shared culture between us young people, the strings aren't there to attach. A while ago I was having a chat with my friends on the bus and we were trying to pin point why this is the case. My friend said "my mum told me that when she was younger you could just go to the park to make friends" - now you're lucky if your friends even want to go the park to hang out. 

There are certain characteristics that young people have that can somewhat group us together. But they're mostly built on stereotypes and all we can do about that is challenge them or try to break away from them. That doesn't always work and in a way just creates more expectations and predictions. What is the future for us if we're not developing a path for ourselves? 

To be honest, I think it's because we're (unfortunately) the generation that was born with technology. I guess you could say that our youth culture is technology. But that's not exactly a way of life because we're so engrossed in what is happening on a screen half the time. We're kinda the anti-social-social generation. That's kinda cool in a futuristic way, if you don't think about the fact that it's damaging our health. 
We look at our phones and our computers for too long? - eye problems in the future.
Our journeys are measured by the number of songs we hear in our headphones? - ear problems in the future. We're still so young. I don't want to be the generation known for health deficiencies. I want be part of the generation that flees from the suffocation of technology and creates a youth culture that's fun and actually counts and interacts with society. 


The pictures are from Friday night when me and a couple of friends went to the Tate Britain for one of their series of events they call "Late at Tate" where there is a mix of music, workshops, talks, special guests and DJs, live performance and debate. All for free may I add. The one we went to was called "BODY" and it was so much fun and we've already prepared to go to the next one called "CELEBRITY" in December!
Look at us being all cultured, ha!

Songs I have been listening to recently:
  • Money - Pink Floyd
  • Ridin Round - Kali Uchis - SHE HAS A NEW VIDEO OMGGG
  • Good To You - Kali Uchis
  • Chelsea Wolfe - Friedrichshain

Quite a different selection, but they all quench my desire somehow! What's your opinion on this whole youth culture thing? Comment below if you'd like! <3 

Saturday, 7 November 2015

stream of consciousness: nostalgia


i miss lunchtimes and wearing uniform;
life actually had purpose - school wise.
we had our place
we knew our place
now we reminisce outside the gates
because we have nowhere to go.
we're too free:
we spend unnecessary amounts of money
on unnecessary things
we're joining stuff
because it "looks good"
we're meeting new people
and chirpsing around
just because we can.
it's boring
and lame
i want to grow as a person
and meet new people.
i have to go.
this is my last one.

(all photos from Tumblr.)

stream of consciousness: an identity crisis


maybe if the flowers were nothing
i wouldn't feel so bored.
(that doesn't make sense)
is it really an identity crisis
if you don't even know what that is
or what you feel?
maybe i'm overreacting
over the fact that i didn't wash my clothes
or maybe i just want to leave
and go somewhere that nobody knows.
i hate my voice sometimes
and the way i slur my words
i sound like an idiot
not fit to sing with the birds
ugh that was dumb.
but i sound gross!
i think i sound better in French.

(all photos from Tumblr.)