Saturday, 7 November 2015

stream of consciousness: nostalgia


i miss lunchtimes and wearing uniform;
life actually had purpose - school wise.
we had our place
we knew our place
now we reminisce outside the gates
because we have nowhere to go.
we're too free:
we spend unnecessary amounts of money
on unnecessary things
we're joining stuff
because it "looks good"
we're meeting new people
and chirpsing around
just because we can.
it's boring
and lame
i want to grow as a person
and meet new people.
i have to go.
this is my last one.

(all photos from Tumblr.)


  1. this is beautiful. i feel like as we get older our lives become less structured, which is liberating, but at the same time you have to create a structure for yourself, which is even harder x

    1. Thank you! and wow, I couldn't agree more. I love the way you said that! <33

  2. Such a cool little poem :)
    xx Alyssa


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