Sunday, 22 November 2015

Rewind // (back to the 90s)

I went to one of Youth Panel's yearly events at the Horniman Museum and the theme was a 90s throwback. There was a line up of local bands, an acoustic room, a chill out room, a free photo booth and a disco lift where they played  songs from the nineties and had 5 people wear Spice Girls masks. (I basically get to say that I've partied with the Spice Girls now...)

I really, really enjoyed it and thinking back to my previous post about youth culture - what if this is our youth culture you know? Events like these where we all get together and sort of blend and function as a group - even though we don't know each other. Listening and dancing to music, partying in a lift. There was such a cool sense of 'being' and 'belonging' in the atmosphere and it was one of those events that leave you smiling like an idiot on your way home. People were encouraged to dress in the 90s style which I loved, so I dredged up this extremely purple explosion of an outfit:

shamless bathroom selfie with quirky background

Rokit jeans, a chunky purple belt I liberated from my sister's closet, a thrifted shirt  that I tied up and some boots! (which you can't see unfortunately.) I felt like a cool side-kick in a typical 90s teen movie.

This band is called the "Nova Twins" and they are amazing! They're so different and quirky and their outfits were flawless. They describe their sound as urban punk. I love their raw, dirty, slightly dubstep-y sound and cannot wait for them to get bigger and more popular. The girl on the left used to go to my school, how cool is that????!!! Here's a link to their website. - check it out!

Here's a couple more photos that sum up the night! Be prepared for an identical post in exactly a years time because I will definitely be going to the next one.
~PEACE OUT lovelies~

me: "try to look excited guys!!"

chilling in the acoustic room where Jade Bird was performing.

 Jade Bird is a singer songwriter and her music and voice literally put me in a trance - she was that fantastic. Her links! Check it out.


  1. Looks way too cool. You're making want to go to a party right now! How dare you manipulate my feelings like this lmao

  2. Looks like you had a sick time, would love to really immerse ourselves in the new youth culture and meet new people :) Love the purple vibes from your outfit, especially your belt
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

    1. I agree! And thank you so much if I could dress in purple from head to toe and pull it off I definitely would <3


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