Wednesday, 4 November 2015

stream of consciousness: dense feeling


I feel something heavy in my chest.
my brain is knotted into a frown.
my throat is being bandaged up
with doodled-on fabric.
what people perceive is wrong
but how can i change that?
i am me.
and i'm afraid i will always be.
the outside of my face is cold,
but the inside is very warm.
i thought i had my lava-bath
but i am obviously in need of another.
when will the need for a cleanse end?
when will all of the wrong things
be scorched off my soul for good?
someone snap me into place,
and maybe buy me a new pair of trousers.
what people perceive is wrong
it's embarrassing
and uncomfortable
i am me.
and i'm afraid that i will always be.

(all photos from Tumblr.)

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