Saturday, 28 November 2015

That ol' lonesome feelin' all the time

Three songs I have been listening to recently:

  1. Just Out Of Reach - Patsy Cline
  2. Shoot The Heart - Apollo Brown
  3. After Thoughts - Oddisee

These songs all make me feel a certain way that I can't explain. Pasty Cline's "Just Out Of Reach" reminds me of the music that my grandad plays when he's down from St Lucia. That soft, romantic, old country music. Well to be honest I don't know if it was romantic or not; I focused more on the melodies rather than the lyrics. But anyways, I was just playing it and my Dad said it reminded him of the music that my grandma used to play before working night shifts on a Sunday. I don't know why that made me happy - I guess I could just picture it in my head nicely. Whenever I listen to it I get filled with this strong, mellow, nostalgic feeling, and I vow to play music from before my time to my children in the future. I mean when are you going to get anymore timeless music?  The other two just have me effortlessly swaying my shoulders and getting in the zone.

November has been approximately 4 seconds long. How has December just crept up on us? I mean the Christmas-y vibe has been building up but now it's actually here. The end of the year has come. When I think back to the early months of 2015 I feel like I'm thinking back to a secret life I had in a parallel universe. How do you describe a present that's also the past because it's coming to an end?

Anyways here's a bunch of photos that sum up the lowkey special month of November. The penultimate month of the year! May we descend into the glorious month of December with wisdom, grace and ugly Christmas jumpers (which are obviously so not ugly.)

(All photos from

Hey look 'tis me doing nothing with my life on a Friday night! 

I'm a sleepy human being and am very tired! ~PEACE OUT~ peeps, never stop doin' you...


  1. yo I'm pretty sure november didn't even happen???? last thing I remember was october to be honest
    dig the pictures and the songs, especially the oddisee one!

    xo Claire

    1. Right??!! I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing tho. Thank you g!!! <333

  2. I love everything here, so glad I stumbled across your blog! November feels like it hasn't even happened? Its gone so fast? You are also GORGEOUS omg,

    Bethany x

    1. wow thank you so much, YOUR blog is amazinggggg! xxx

  3. Ok NICE mood board, but the one I like best is that one smiley person in denim shorts! How sweet! And Stromae, love that lanky skeleton man. November is v. special! Those pictures of you have nice gentle light I love 'em :o)

    1. Thank you and ikr she's so cute! Stromae until I die tbh. I like November but it just goes so quickly for me to feel a connection with it. October is excting because it's a sudden break away from summer, then in November you're just waiting for December. Aw thanks <3333

  4. Love this post!!! :)
    xx Alyssa


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