Saturday, 20 February 2016

red roses, garage sales.

It was supposed to be half-term break this week but to be honest I'd rather be back at college. This is for many reasons, but my half-opened eyes and tired mind are telling myself  not to elaborate on any. I've been dreaming a lot about love lately - it's like an addiction, and I'm trying to maintain normality in my head but it's not working and I don't know why. I've been obsessed with red roses, too. *hits blunt* is that why I feel all drugged up on love??? PROBABLY. That's good; I thought I'd have to admit to thoughts I didn't want to admit to. I don't know where the time in February has gone, but I do remember feeling as if it was going slowly at some point. I think my brain is just tired from all of these conflicting thoughts, soppy and emotional dreams, and everything else. Do you ever get this feeling? It sucks.

Very short piece from my diary. Don't talk about love to me at a party because this is what ends up happening:


* * *

On Friday morning  I trekked all the way up to Dalston for Beyond Retro's garage sale! I was ambivalent about it at first because I couldn't be bothered for the long journey and I was meant to be doing work. (needless to say that definitely didn't happen.) But it was worth it in the end because I got some real good bargains that day.

I bought a new turtle neck jumper. I think it's meant to be a Christmas jumper, but who cares? I managed to find some green high-waisted jeans, a mini checked skirt and some boots! The shoes were a long shot - you could hardly find any pairs with everything scattered around, but all of a sudden a light shone through the ceiling and I spotted a pair that looked just my size. I had to get it, regardless of whether they pinch my toes slightly more than I would have liked. I love sales like this - you can get so much for so little money; every item I bought was under a tenner.

What a busy month it has been. Hopefully March won't be constructed by red roses and tender memories from the past that aren't worth thinking about. I think I might just make March the new January. I needed this 2 month trial to make resolutions and break them all within the first few weeks. It's a learning process and a skill I have yet to master.

~peace out~ and see you in the next post! Zoe xo

Friday, 5 February 2016

freshly dressed

It has been a really strange and wishy-washy past few weeks - which is my excuse for not posting as frequently as I would have liked. A lot of exciting things have happened which I cannot wait to document on here and share with y'all...

SO! For my media studies coursework I have to design 2 magazine front covers and a double page spread (DPS) based on one of them. (dream come true!!) It's so incredibly fun - taking the photos, coming up with name ideas. For my first front cover I dragged my sister and two of my friends to Shoreditch to take some initial photographs. We strolled through the market and down Bricklane, stopping every now and again whenever we thought we found a good back drop. Here are some of my favourite outcomes:

I am basing my DPS on this cover, and they represent three girls who have recently created their own literary and arts zine/online magazine for people of colour called "Neptune estate." The article just features them talking about the journey in creating the zine, their experiences in the media and what's happening next. Maybe in the future I'll make the zine! But we'll see.

My second front cover is a close up of my friend who represents an artist. I kinda feel like a Hollywood director assigning people fake roles in this alternate universe. But it's a lot of fun. I didn't choose many creative subjects - media is my only one. For me, having a creative outlet is so important.

I haven't really been able to think about anything else - thinking about school work has been the most time consuming activity I've done for the past few weeks. (Notice how I said "thinking" not "doing"). Half-term is only a week away. I hope my brain doesn't give up. Pray for me pls.

Last Saturday, I watched "Fresh Dressed" with my family. It's a documentary about the evolution of hip hop through urban fashion from the 80s to now. It was truly fascinating and inspiring, and taught me a lot about brands and where all the popular trends originated from. It is directed by Sacha Jenkins and I believe it was shown at a Sundance Festival last year in the US. It made me appreciate mainstream brands like "Nike" and "Adidas" - and throughout the documentary I reminisced about a period of time I was never part of. The funky, fat-laced Adidas, oversized pants and graffiti-drenched jackets - I was overwhelmed. I mean, I'm broke now but when I start earning money, my wardrobe will be over-flowing with this stuff. I would recommend this doc to anyone 100%, 1000/10. Here are some photographs from the film, showing some of my favourites. Watch the trailer for it here.

peace out and see you in the next post! Zoe xo