Thursday, 26 May 2016

a long post

On the 12th of May, went to another Chill Pill spoken word night held at The Albany theatre. I feel more inspired than ever and can we just take a moment to appreciate creative people? Each artist had their own style of speaking and their own way of communicating an image and a story to the audience, and it was just breathtaking to witness. One of my favourite artists that night was Caleb Femi. On his website, his work is described as "vivid" and "honest" and I couldn't put it any better. I loved his poem called "Coconut Oil" which was about the gentrification of the place he grew up in. It was delivered beautifully, and the town he described was lyrically constructed using the imagery of afro hair. The whole event was so inspiring, and actually encouraged me to write some of my own spoken word. 

A few weeks ago, I went to another east end thrift store £1 sale!!! It was the most exciting one to date because my sister and I were the very first to arrive. Which meant that we got a free £10 bag. Can we just...take that in??? Such a win-win! Very pleased.

classic shot of purchases

That evening, I celebrated my sister and I's birthday with our friends with a dinner at a cool Chinese restaurant called Tai Won Mein in Greenwich. Then we walked around the Cutty Sark to watch the sun set which led to numerous fun, heart-lifting, laugh-till-your-stomach-hurts moments. #classic


Being the lame rebellious people we are, we snuck (quite out in the open tbh) onto this Ferris Wheel ride which was not locked or covered. It was an opportunity just waiting to happen!

Drunk on laughter, we danced around the empty Greenwich market to a man busking on the accordion. He then came up to us and played 'happy birthday'! It was a magical, spontaneous evening that left me smiling and smiling and smiling. 

School's been looong and exams have bombarded my social life, which is why I left this post so incredibly late. I can't wait until it's all over. I hope everything, whether it be exams or just life in general, is great and tolerable because wherever you are it's always gon' get better.

peace out lovely human beings, and see u in the next post! Zoe xo