Thursday, 9 June 2016

have we met b4???

It's still ya girl Zoe from m-eliorism but now I'm delicate--musings! I couldn't have the name with one hyphen so I had to make do with two.

I don't know how you'll find me but if you do, and you're reading this now, you've reached your destination. You've made it. Well done.

I would throw you a prize but technology hasn't quite gotten to that stage yet.

peace out, xo --- (tell ya friends!)

Monday, 6 June 2016

sunlight in the afternoon

"It is strange how sad it can be - sunlight in the afternoon, don't you think?" - This is a line taken from a book called "Good Morning, Midnight" by Jean Rhys (1938) which I found through Aida (I'm loving it btw!) I haven't gotten very far in the book itself - *gives exams a dirty look* - but it is a beautifully odd read. I thought this particular sentence was weirdly profound, and I could relate to it in a quiet, internal way. I found out that Rhys had written a lot of books and none were particularly successful. It is described that this was because they were all "decades ahead of their time in theme and tone, dealing as they did with women as underdogs, exploited for, and exploiting, their sexuality."


Just thought I'd share that with you! ANYWAYS. Today I sat my AS French paper. It sucked. Okay, it didn't suck completely, it most definitely could have been worse, and I know I tried my best, but the paper was cheeky as hell! Some questions were annoyingly difficult, which left me feeling underwhelmed and tired after the two-and-a-half hours. But hey, whatever, it's over, and I'm glad. There's not really much you can do once you walk out of that exam hall.

Here's a couple of photographs I forgot to document on here about my second trip to Amsterdam! It was absolutely wonderful, despite being ill for the entire weekend.

I'm still speechless. It was such an inspiring and powerful experience that genuinely touched me in a place my heart has never felt before. If anyone ever visits Amsterdam, I would definitely stress going here.

No Boys Allowed is a female sneaker store, with a broad range of products in women's sizes only. It features exclusive releases from Nike, Asics and Puma, with other brands like New Balance, Reebok and Adidas Originals. The shop had a unique and chill vibe and I liked, overall, how there was a store like this which specialised in street wear products specifically for women, because you definitely don't get that on the regular. I'd like to buy something from this store one day!

Look guys I'm a car


You know how I was talking about creating an arts and culture zine for PoC? WELL. That idea hasn't gone completely out of the window, I've just come up with another zine idea too. Instead of branching out to just anyone, I want to create a regional zine. So I've decided to make an arts zine that focuses on teenagers in Lewisham (the place in which I live.)

What? You've never heard of this place? Or maybe you have and are aware of the reputation that it has. It is described as the "Blue Borough", and I know that the Urban Dictionary is an extremely unreliable source, but if you look at the definition of "Blue Borough" you most definitely will be surprised and even fearful - I was and I actually live here. Honestly, it's not that bad. I actually found it quite fascinating that the area that I have lived in my whole life is described as such a horrible place. It made me laugh as well though. So - a zine that subverts this stereotype, that celebrates the innovative, creative side of the youth in Lewisham? Why not! I'll get back to you about this.


Some pictures from a chill afternoon with friends on apparently the hottest day of the year a couple of weeks ago. 


I recently just watched "Dope" which was directed by Rick Famuyiwa. It came out last year and I have NO IDEA how I didn't find out about it the second it was released. It is about 3 teenagers living in a tough neighbourhood in the suburbs of LA, who accidentally get themselves involved in drug culture. It's funny, the cinematography was beautiful and I loved the music. I would definitely recommend it. Watch the trailer for it here. These are some shots from the film!

This has been quite a long post! I have one last thing; a name for this blog. I came up with "m-eliorism" because I found the word on tumblr and liked the definition. (Scroll down to the bottom of my blog to see it!) But now I kinda want to change it. I have literally two ideas and I would really really appreciate it if you could comment on this and tell me which one you like, or if you have any suggestions yourself? 
1) delicate-musings
2) thepoetsmuse 
I'm leaning more towards "delicate-musings" but I don't know if it sounds too boring, or whether it doesn't represent my blog well enough. I am definitely in need of some expertise!

Hope you enjoyed this post y'all, peace out xo