Tuesday, 16 August 2016

kissed by the sun

HELLO WORLD, this summer has been so weird, but great. I just got back from Jamaica which was absolutely amazing, but I'll feature more about it in another post later on.

I want to talk about artists of colour. As everyone knows, mainstream media is brazenly white-washed. I can probably list over 30 white artists that I like and listen to in an instant, but I panicked when I tried to remember all of the underground artists of colour that I know because I felt as if I was falling into this trap of ignoring the struggle minorities face in the industry, and I felt bad. PoC have a small voice in mainstream media, and although progress is being made there are still loads of gaps in important places. I actually made a post about why there needs to be more creative spaces for PoC here, and it's really brief, but take a look at it nonetheless.

Here are three artists/bands of colour that I really love!

The Internet:

Okay now ... I can't even ... I love The Internet so much. They are a neo-soul band who produce the most amazing music that tingles and massages my ears every time I listen to them. A song by them that most people seem to know straight away is "Dontcha" which is gorgeous in every way shape and form - go check it out. When you listen to this song, you would think that they can't get any better, but then you discover their album Ego Death, and basically die. This whole album is just so beautiful and perfect: 10/10! Please listen to the entire album. Infact, I'm going to link it right here now <<< so you can click on it, now.

Princess Nokia:

Princess Nokia is an up-and-coming artist that you have probably heard of before as she is rising up prominently in places like Dazed and i-D magazine and platforms similar to that. Princess Nokia's real name is Destiny Nicole Frasqueri, and she is an Afro-Nuyorican independent artist based in New York. She had two former stage names: 'Destiny' and 'Wavy Spice', and in a recent interview with i-D, she discussed her independence in the music industry. Really cool. Relating to her Afro-Nuyorican background, she talked with Fusion about her identity and her music.

The first song I heard by Princess Nokia was "Young Girls" sometime last year. The music video is so gorgeous and the vibes are insane. Check it out here.


India Arie:

She is a neo-classic soul artist that came out around the early 2000s, affiliated with artists such as Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo. She was a studied songwriter and guitar player rooted in the soul and blues of the past, as well as in positive-minded contemporary hip-hop. Her first album Acoustic Soul entailed four Grammy Awards and five consecutive placements in the Top Ten of the Billboard 200. 

My two favourite songs by Arie have to be "Brown Skin" and "Video". Please listen to them. They send out such inspiring and important messages to women, in particular black women. What I also love is that she is a dark-skinned black woman (like me!!) Representation is so important man. 

"Brown skin, you know I love your brown skin
                              I can't tell where yours begins, I can't tell where mine ends
Brown skin, up against my brown skin
Need some every now and then, oh hey"

* * *

             "When I look in the mirror and the only one there is me
Every freckle on my face is where it's suppose to be
And I know my creator didn't make no mistakes on me
        My feet, my thighs, my lips, my eyes, I'm loving what I see" 

hope you enjoyed this post, peace out my loves, Zoe xo ~


  1. ahh! I realised I wasn't getting your new posts so I had to unfollow and then follow again! This is a great post, I've been looking for some new artists to listen to so it's great to get recs


    1. Omg noo, haha probably something to do with the fact that i changed my name!! So annoying, lol. Yay, glad you've found some new artists/tunes! xo

  2. I loveee India Arie so much, glad to see here on here <3 I'm liking the new look of your blog btw! Cute banner xox

    1. Yeah, reminds me of that day at yours last summer! She has such positive, earthy vibes. And thank you!!! Xxxx

    2. awww yes that day was so gooood, gotta do that again soon xx

  3. ah your blog looks so cute now! the banner is great ahh... following a lil bit of a spotify slump, i've been looking for music recommendations too x nice post!

    1. Aww thank you! So glad ppl are noticing and are liking the new change. Yay! Always glad to be of help when it comes 2 music reccs tbh xo

  4. I'm obsessed with The Internet, so glad they're blowing up!

  5. how did i miss this?!!! okay anyway i LOVE The Internet they are so amazing. i remember finding them and literally listening to their albums all day they're so good!! i found princess nokia whilst watching afro punk videos actually, and i can't believe that i'd never heard india arie's music because it's beautiful :) so empowering! great choices xo

    1. Hahaha, and yes I can never get enough of the internet! India Arie's music is really empowering and beautiful - just makes me feel so happy and positive about myself and image and whatnot. Thanks lovely! ♡♡♡♡


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