Sunday, 16 October 2016

what am i and what will i be in this strange world of ours??

this article is very interesting.

               this 8tracks playlist has some nice tunes.

I've been thinking a lot about my future, especially after reading this article/interview on vice about millennials and this culture we've created of being creatively inclined but broke and guilty. It really put things into perspective for me in terms of what the world has to offer, and more confusingly, what I have to offer to the world. Here's a slap-dash collage for weird-times sake:
Part of my mind is in a really confused and curious place so don't worry if you're reading this and you don't fully get the sentiments I'm trying to get across. Idk. I want to create. I see all these cool people getting to live these lives characterised by arty stuff, aesthetics and opportunities, and I desperately want to be part of it. But in order to live that  life, I have to be a creator, a do-er. And that's required in most areas of life, but you have to agree with me that in the creative industry, the 'doing' part is a lot less straight-forward than a pathway in say, finance or engineering. (correct me if i'm wrong.) 

*internal monologue*: oh shut up Zoe, stop chatting about stuff and just get on with it!!! Enjoy a classic mood-board to illustrate my past feelings and this stream of conscious mess that is this post...

(All photos found on tumblr)

ANYWAYS~~ how's everyone doing? I hope well.

I'm going to start being a "getting sh!t done" type person from now on. January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and basically this whole entire year as been a 'trial month', :-). it's been a 'trial year', :-).

I don't know about you guys, but October is the cut off time for me. The year ends during October. Usually around this time, something in the air around me just tells me to start planning ahead. Maybe that's why I love October so much. Because it feels like the end of the year without the bloating, depressing yet extremely joyus weight of November and December. It is when the year slips away behind a brown, autumn-leaf-coated door in the corner of the universe, leaving the rest of humanity to float blindly away into the new year.

I've definitely mentioned this fleeting topic about 3 times. here, here and here to be exact. But yeah, zines. >>> INTERJECTION!!!! this song just came on and i really like it and now it's on repeat!!! It's kinda dark and solemn, but also thought-provoking and dreamy, and the fact that it's called 'yellow' gives it a kind of lightness, sort of how I feel right now, in the month of October.<<<< 

anyways, zines. I've come up with a solid idea now, you may be pleased to know. I'm going to make 'SWEET THANG', an arts and literature zine for / by PoC. I'll be looking to make it an actual thing by the beginning of 2017. A cool platform to promote and celebrate the work of PoC. It'll be a sweet thang. © Below, a temporary logo. 

Art by Nivia Gonzalez

cheers to life. cheers to the greatness that will hopefully arise out of the uncertainty of this world.
~peace out~ luvs, Zoe xo


  1. yess!!! i love making goals and organisation and new things this makes me so happy haha and i'm excited for your zine!!! it sounds like it could be really good! more things from the uk whoo!

    1. thank youuu, yeah making future plans can sometimes have a knock on effect on how you organise yourself in the present which is pretty cool. Im really excited too - one of my mantras in life is 'talk less do more' so i figured it was time for me to stop chatting and just do the things i've been saying I want to do. I think I might make the zine more inclusive though. Idk, i think it'll go through a lot of changes b4 it actually arrives, but yeah, woo! xo


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