Wednesday, 9 November 2016


fuckity fuckity shit hole

it is dark and i'm at school (in the study room) (not studying), staring out at the
vague sad blue evening sky,
a backdrop to the shaky autumn leaves.
in the distance the sun still occupies a circle of its land.
don't go,
the world needs more sun
in this shitty time to be alive

sorry this is a bit sad
lol, but the world is sad right?
yeah yeah, whatever, take things as they go,

should've been doing work
maybe i do it to myself...
(when you're annoyed about the whole Trump thing but at the same time you've been dealing with feelings of anger, resentment, pettiness and ambivalence for a long time...)

Friday, 4 November 2016

swing low \\

my dear friend introduced me to a couple of songs today.

1. pink beetle by Rejjie Snow

i love this song, listen to it here
(also watch the video, it's so cool, but kinda gross lol)

i strangely haven't been following the do-ings of Rejjie for a while, so this beautiful come back really warms my spirit. also can we just appreciate the song's cover art? it kind of encompasses that chill, night-time hip hop vibe. luv it. (if you watch the audio video, the little guy in the picture moves and it's so mesmerising and dreamy.) His voice in this song kinda reminds me of Tyler, the Creator too.

i'm currently sitting in my school' study room as i type this. safe to say i'm cleary not studying. (but i have been for the past 2 hours, trust me)

now i'm continuing this at home after a dreadful attempt to continue the work i was doing. i have the deadliest  case of writers block at the moment, and it sucks. (ffs i'm trying to succeed here)

2. biggest joke of all by Fatima 

the cinematography in this music video is beautiful + her voice is ethereal. 
listen to it here

3. love$ick by Mura Masa

i love this video. It's representing London youth culture and 'life in ends'. super cool and the song is kinda dreamy too. 
listen to it here

i think i'm back in my 'lower-case letters' phase now, as you may have noticed. 
~peace out~ Zoe xo

P.S: i might have exciting news coming soon. (lmao what a way to keep you guys gripped)