Saturday, 3 December 2016

spend some time away

This post is gonna be a long one, I can feel it. It's been a good while since I've posted something. Well it feels like it anyway. I've been so preoccupied with a whole load of something, and then a whole load of nothing. It's been weird. I'm currently doing a social media turn off thing, where I'm challenging myself not to use any social media for at least two weeks. I'm surviving so far, and I'm not gonna lie, it genuinely feels good. I just  feel so much lighter and calm, not all busy and hard-wired and hunched over. I notice the air around me a lot more - have you ever noticed how quiet and peaceful some little spaces of the world are? 

The photos below are from a shoot that my sister Cleo and I took part in, shot by our beautiful n' talented friend Taja! All creds go to her: - find her here on instagram, and her photography blog on tumblr here. much love <3

I've never actually "modelled" before now that I think about it tbh. It's kinda awkward, but it's fun, and it's so cool to see how the photographs turn out when they've been developed. We took these ones in a massive local park near where we live. It's the park of my childhood, and coming back older and more cultured, I do unapologetically notice how "aesthetic" it is. Coupled with the dreamy haze of a 35mm camera, you got yourselves some nostalgic-ass images radiating from each shot. 

Here's a small playlist full of really old but gold jams, and some new ones. I'm really liking Awaken, My Love! - Childish Gambino's new album that literally dropped yesterday. It's a new sound that's chill but up-beat as well. luv it. I had to chuck 24k magic in there because it's super feel good, and whenever I'm feeling unmotivated or lazy, I always crank up the volume in my headphones and legit have a 10 minute dance party in my bedroom to shake off the lacking, heavy vibes. It works, trust me. Results af.

I don't know is such a dreamy song but it's also subtly dramatic and sad. It's strangely perfect for the winter. It reminds me of that pale, wintry feeling you get when the weather ain't playing around no more and the sky is always white and crisp and sunsets are sharp. I was introduced to Nick Hakim through FADER magazine, a little article titled The Soul Singer In Search of A Sacred Space - check it out here. The accompanying photography is really beautiful. My friend Cecilia just dropped her own EP Warm Dependence and I really like it! The song itself definitely connects with the word 'jive' - its just so dark and chill. It's so inspiring seeing people just doing their own thing and being creative. Listen to the EP on Spotify!

This song below is also really cute and relaxing. I've been listening to this guy called ameba. on soundcould for so long. (im lowkey in love)

If you follow me on insta, you would have seen that I'm starting to make the zine that I may or may not have mentioned on here some time ago!!! Well my idea is finalised anyway - I'm calling it "SWEET THANG" and it is an arts and literature zine for and by black women! I've made a temporary Wordpress website for it which you can check out here. And follow it on instagram too! I'm so excited. It's a bit peak that I've decided to do this social media turn-off challenge now because I want to call for submissions and it's kinda difficult to do that without a platform to broadcast that. But oh well. People on blogger will see it though! Long live blogger lmao.

sO YEAH. I've got an idea for the first issue and I want it to circulate around the theme of Power/Roots/Beginnings. There may be no explicit connection between them, but I want it to hopefully come together as one giant theme with a range of different mediums contributing to it!

some inspiration: (I'll put this on instagram too)
  • What you define as 'Home'
  • How you define where you come from
  • Nature
  • Self love / empowerment
  • Hair
  • The idea of starting something new or returning to an old idea after a significant amount of time
  • The root of an idea or feeling
  • Gentrification
  • Colonialism
  • Endings that feel like beginnings
  • Over coming something
  • Achieving things, the feeling of success
You can take these prompts as inspiration or interpret the given theme(s) in any way you want. The more varied, wild and different, the better! send all submissions to:
(feel free to share this info round!!)

Friday was a really beautiful day. I had no lessons and I strictly dedicated that day to writing an essay due for Monday. lol.
It started off so so well, I was so into it. Then my friend and I got talking, and somehow she persuaded me to leave and go somewhere! This was basically how the conversation went:

me: ugh yeah I've got to write this essay, it's so long
her: shall we go somewhere
me: sure

Safe to say I am easily persuaded. Shame. But it was really worth it. We went into Greenwich and spent nearly an hour in a bookshop called 'HALCYON BOOKS'. It's moving to a new location and therefore closing down so all books were £1. It's literally covered from floor to ceiling with books. Not like Waterstones or Foyles or anything. It was like walking into the home of an extreme book lover. It smelt like old books. By old I mean frayed-hard-cover-browning-pages old. There was fiction, sociological/political/theoretical/spiritual books, art, music, poetry, contemporary verse - literally everything. It was so incredibly beautiful. I bought five new books! I could feel my brain and my heart salivating as I paid for them and proudly felt the heavy swing of the books in their transparent plastic bag that everyone could see through.

I'm really excited to start these. One of the main reasons I'm taking a break from social media is so I can read more. I need to read more, and the tiring act of scrolling through Instagram or Facebook for hours every day hindered my ability to both pick up a book in the first place, and enjoy reading it. I used to get so distracted. But I want to change that, so buying five new books was the push I needed tbh.

I'm so ready for 2017.
I mean, I know I said this for 2016 but I feel like it's just gonna be better. This year has been interesting and fun for the most part, but devastatingly dry and horrible for some of it. *shudders*
@ god or whatever: can 2017 come faster pls.

How's everyone doing? I hope well. Thanks 4 reading, ~peace out~ and see you in the next post my loves!! Zoe xo


  1. YES. Love these pictures. They're so fun and chill. Also, THANK U for mentioning the new Childish Gambino album; I didn't know but am totally in the mood for him right now so I'm gonna go check it out!

    Also--------def. gonna submit some illustrations for yr zine. That's a good idea! I like your collection of books. TBH, I need to quit the internet for big chunks of every single day so that I can read more. I wanted to read, like, one book a week in 2016 and have failed that goal miserably Because The Internet. (<---looool Childish reference ho ho ho).

    Okay I like your blog bye.

    1. Ahh thank you!!! Oooh, i hope you like it. Yay!!!! you honestly don't know how happy that makes me. yes yes yes, submit! Ha, screw the internet. (if you can help it) - it's slowly starting take up time and space that it shouldn't be, and I know in the long term I'll be happier knowing I didn't waste all that time scrolling through instagram comparing myself to everyone and feeling shitty. Digging the gambino reference, lool.

      Thank you lovely!! xox

  2. the both of you look so good in those photos!! it's so good and inspirational that your pursuing something that you really want. i think it takes a lot of courage, especially if you're surrounded by people who aren't necessarily in tune with your vision (however, it seems like you're not which is great). i've also not posted much on insta and have lost the desire to check fb and it's actually great tbh. social media as great as it can be can actually fuel a bit of anxiety i feel, and it's great that you're taking steps to break away from it.

    i love your long posts! xo

    1. Aww thank you so much melody!! Yeah I agree. Thanks g!! xox

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa you always have so many cool things to talk about and I love it so much, a great big jumble pile of inspiration! I LOVE those photos so much like how are you and your sister so cute????????? LOVE IT xxxxxx

    1. Ahh omg thank you so much, you're too kind!!! xoxoxoxo

  4. dude i saw these on your sister's blog and DIIIEEDDD of how cute and beautiful you two look!!!!! ugh your friend did such a great job. also the zine sounds so exciting!!! i cant wait to read/see it :-)

    1. Thank you Josselyn!!!!!! hope you're well <3 <3 <3 also, i tried to comment on your post but it wouldn't let me! :'( xxx

  5. These photos are so amazing oh my god! You look amazinggg, I love what you're wearing so much. I am loving Childish Gambinos new album, it's so different to his usual stuff but so good!? x x

    1. thank you so so much!!! me too - ppl are criticising it a lot but i think being able to change your style whenever you want and doing it well is an amazing skill as an artist!! xo

  6. Omg I just found your blog and fell in love! Your writing is awesome and I am about to go check out your zine! The photos turned out great. Also I'm so jealous you stumbled across that £1 book sale x
    ☆ ☆

    1. Wow thank you! I just checked out 'the Saturn mag' and I love it! <3


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